We at Cyient offer SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and DMS (distribution management system) real-time operational systems services by leveraging in-depth understanding of utility networks, plus over two decades of experience in providing spatial asset data management and technology solutions to utilities. Our strong expertise in SCADA system components lies in field interface, remote terminal units, IED integration, communication protocols, front-end processors, SCADA application and database servers, and human-machine interfaces. SCADA/DMS life cycle implementation services are focused on the control room operations. These operations include system installation, configuration (field equipment, RTUs, communications), commissioning, testing (field acceptance, site acceptance), as well as maintenance and support. Specific service lines in the SCADA/DMS area currently include graphics configuration, symbol design and configuration, and schematic build.

How We Can Help

  • Strong relationship with worldwide SCADA and DMS players such as GE, Siemens and Alstom, robust partner pool, and proven global practices
  • System integration capabilities with spatial systems such as GIS (ESRI) demonstrated at our smart grid demo center to showcase fault localization and monitoring

Quick Facts

  • More than 50 skilled resources on GE’s PowerOn Fusion/ENMAC product
  • Long-standing partnership with GE for executing DMS projects in various regions including US, UK and Australia
  • Train-the-trainer certification on GE’s ENMAC and PowerOn Fusion