The lighthouse always guides us home !

Just like a lighthouse that guides every sailor in the dark, our ValuesFIRST give us direction and show us how to drive differentiation in all our endeavors. It helps us reinvent with time and ensure that our customers succeed. Our values also act as our anchors in troubled waters. No matter how tough a decision is, it is always backed with our ethics.

This is how we navigate the business landscapes seamlessly. This is how we Design Tomorrow, Together.


The ValuesFIRST Navigator celebrates the 'Cyientists' that are living these values every day.


“Our value is the sum total of our values”

Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy
Founder and Chairman, Cyient

At Cyient, we live our values daily. Every activity - big or small - is tied together through a fabric of ValuesFIRST resulting in an empowered workforce and an AGILE culture. And while, the meaning and application of the different tenets of values may fluctuate from associate to associate, the overarching principle remains unhinged.

That said, our value system is a two-way street. One for the associates and the other for the company istelf to uphold the terms of ValuesFIRST in every action.


We stand for our values and forge ahead.


Follow the beacon of ValuesFIRST


Every Cyientist is a brand ambassador of a time-tested value system.