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Cyient helps industry and government exploit the “power of location” in the digital age. From high definition maps for autonomous vehicles, to urban digital models that underpin smart cities, to solutions that monitor and manage critical assets, we deliver the value of geospatial in important new ways.

Over two and a half decades, Cyient has built an outstanding reputation for geospatial services and solutions with customers in automotive and rail, energy and natural resources, communications and utilities, and the public sector. We help them acquire, manage, and exploit geospatial information to gain actionable insights, make informed decisions, and improve business and societal outcomes.

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Accelerate Performance

Enhance the quality, reliability, and performance of your business, assets, and services, and ensure high ROI with our proprietary analytic tools.

Agile Competitive Analysis

Become Agile and Competitive

Leverage our end-to-end partnership model across your design, build, operate, and maintain phases for faster rollouts at competitive pricing.

Next-Gen Technology

Integrate Next-Gen Technology

Benefit from our 25+ years of engineering experience to integrate advanced geospatial solutions into existing systems and processes.

Top Aerial View Of Place

Monitor Underground Gas Pipelines from Space

How did we help a leading European gas distribution company seamlessly monitor their pipeline network for damage from construction activity?

By leveraging regularly captured satellite data and combining it with machine learning and human surveillance activities, we developed a solution that alerted possible risks to the underground pipeline. 

Our Offerings

Cyient’s expertise spans LiDAR and remote sensing, mapping and photogrammetry, applications and decision support systems, and technology implementation. We complement that with digital capabilities including data analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, and mobility that underpin a range of innovative geospatial solutions.


Earth Observation

Monitor earth events continuously without the need for a targeted survey with our automated imagery processing solutions and insights.

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Create a highly detailed digital twin and minimize site visits and safety risks with our data acquisition, mapping, data processing, and feature extraction offerings.

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Geospatial Solutions

Improve operations and enable informed decision-making by combining our expertise in designing, building, and integrating geospatial solutions with your business processes.

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Underground Mapping

Minimize asset damages, project delays, costs, and complexities of subsurface infrastructure with insights on exact depth and configurations of buried assets.

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Data Acquisition and Processing

Capture high-resolution spatial data using different platforms to meet varying requirements of project areas of all sizes.

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Earth Observation


Geospatial Solutions

Underground Mapping

Data Acquisition and Processing


Our Solutions

Vegetation Management

Identify potential risks to assets across utility, telecom, rail, and oil & gas industries.


5G Planning and DesignIcon

Accelerate high-performance 5G network design and rollout.



Improve safety and driving experience.


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Build resilient and sustainable cities with geospatial solutions.

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