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Communications as a means for Digital Transformation



Cyient’s Enterprise Private Network Services help reduce network complexity and cost, improve application performance, enable multichannel collaboration to deliver quick provisioning and high availability and increase network and application reliability through a software-enabled environment.

Our offerings include wireless solutions like Private LTE, 5G enabled networks, SDWAN, WI-FI6, and Satellite based communications which span across multiple Verticals enabling Industry 4.0/factor floor automation example Grid Sensing and analytics for utilities or digital mines of the future.

Our Philosophy

At Cyient, we approach this topic of private networks from the vantage point of serving 300+ accounts across our industry verticals. We believe that a network is a means to achieve digital transformation, and to do that, one must focus on three aspects Sensorize, Connect and Monetize.

  • communication
  • Aerospace & Defence
    Aerospace & Defence
  • Smart Energy Grid - White
  • Geospatial
  • noun_industrial_2160657
  • Utilities
  • Meditech and Healthcare
    Meditech and Healthcare
  • Mining Industry Services-01-01
  • Rail
  • Semiconductor
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    Oil and Gas
  • Automotive


The ability to connect various legacy assets that do not natively know how to speak 4G/5G. Without bringing these assets into the fold, we are not harnessing the power of the network.


Design and develop the digital use cases to deliver the ROI on the deployed network.


Dimension, and design the appropriate network using the most suitable OEM partners. Having implemented 30+ indoor and outdoor networks, we have matured this process into a science.

Key Challenges - Consumer Grade Networks Do Not Scale For OT

In our conversations with multiple CIOs/CTOs, there seems to be a combination of one of the following six reasons why they are considering a private cellular network.

Enterprise Network

Why Cyient?

At Cyient, we are designing and building private networks that provide reliable, high-speed services for critical industrial applications.


Expertise in network Engineering

20+ years of experience in network design & rollout

Extensive Partnership Ecosystem

Rapidly expanding partner ecosystem across the solution stack

Deep Domain Knowledge

Deep domain knowledge in 10+ industry verticals

Vendor Neutral

Vendor-neutral, digital-first delivery with an end-to-end solution approach

Our Offering

  • Mature, 12-step methodology
  • Flexibility to engage in all or some of the steps depending on the customer’s journey

  • Experience with 30+ Indoor and Outdoor Networks
    • 3 site to 450+ site networks
    • Indoor: Sporting venues, hospitals, stadiums
    • Outdoor: Mining pits, commercial 5G networks, Utility IoT networks

Multi-solution planning
Strategic planning consulting
Network Operation center
EMF & Field
Service Acceptance
Drive Test Analysis
Service Operation Center

Our approach follows the holistic CONSULT-DESIGN- BUILD-MAINTAIN approach

  • Consult Phase

    We start with understanding the business use cases the customer intends to leverage the network for and ensure that such use cases can be ported/integrated into the customers’ environment and the OEM equipment chosen for the installation.

  • Design Phase

    This is done in two phases – a high-level design provides rough input into the Bill of Materials (BoM) required to provide appropriate capacity, which is further refined with precise RF analysis/actual asset placement into an LLD (low-level design).

  • Build Phase

    The BUILD phase entails pre- and post-integration testing to ensure that all components (multi-vendor) can interoperate with each other and that the network topology/firewall rules are all created/implemented appropriately. 

  • Maintain Phase

    It ensures 24x7x365 coverage/ monitoring of the network using Cyient resources until such a point where the customer is willing to take over operations within their team. Cyient can also help with knowledge transfer and training during such a transition.




Accelerating Digital Transformation with Private Wireless Networks

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Enterprise Business Transformation with Next- Generation Networks

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Enterprise Business Transformation with Next - Generation Networks

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Success Stories

Control center and wayside network design for a Rail customer

Designed and implemented a wireless network to facilitate communication between different components of a rail signalling system.

Designed and implemented a wireless network to facilitate communication between different components of a rail signalling system.

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