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The evolution of the mining industry is witnessing steady growth propelled by technology. From exploration to production, technology is helping companies to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. IoT in Mining, Geospatial technologies, AI, Data Management, and diverse technological solutions enable mining companies to stay ahead of digital disruption while emphasizing sustainability.

Cyient works with some of the world’s largest mining companies and OEMs in plant engineering, asset management, GeoScience data management, extensive geologic data compilation, geospatial data compilation and communication services (5G). Cyient’s acquisition of IG Partners in 2020 allows customers in the mining industry to take advantage of our consulting-led solutions and aid them in the growing convergence of operational and information technologies, including geochemical and geophysical expertise.

Experience a wide range of services for the mining industry

Asset Management

Asset Management

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of equipment, machinery, and infrastructure to optimize operations and minimize costs across the mining value chain. Our team of experts help customers with asset maintenance strategies, reliability engineering, master data management, field validation etc., and increases availability and throughput.

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Plant Engineering

Design, build, and maintain mining infrastructure and equipment that is safe, reliable, and sustainable and operates at peak performance. Our multidisciplinary plant engineers work throughout the project lifecycle from FEED to Commissioning support. Our plant engineers work as an extended arm of our customers to update as-builts and aid with Operational Readiness for assets.


Private LTE/5G Networks

With the increasing use of automation and IoT in Mining, communication services like Wifi, Private LTE, and 5G are crucial in improving operational efficiency and safety at mine sites. Connectivity loss can lead to safety risks and production losses. Our Network experts can help identify data dark spots and recommend the right solution to ensure that operations have a seamless network connection for voice, video, and IT & OT data.

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Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial services enable companies to monitor the right information about their assets that are spread across geographies. Our geospatial services, like Cyient Tailings Management Solution and Cyient Closure Management Solution, are a confluence of geospatial, OT data, and data analytics to help customers make informed decisions by providing the right data at the right time.

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Geoscience Data Management

Geologists have been observing, collecting, and recording information on geology, geochemistry, geophysics, etc., from field visits for a long time. Our team of geoscience data compilation experts assists customers by synthesizing the reports into standard templates to aid decision-making and fast-track their exploration process.

Why Cyient

We create business impact by helping our customers create a sustainable world

Cyient’s multidisciplinary team of more than 1,500 mining industry engineers offers process-engineering solutions across the project life cycle from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) through commissioning. Besides, more than 4,100 highly skilled data management specialists have helped our customers effectively manage and organize data.

Global Mining Organizations Trust Cyient to help

  • Increase productivity through streamlined processes and standards
  • Maximize capital asset utilization through product enhancement and reduced downtime
  • Enhance focus on health and safety through product improvement solutions
  • Bring a strong focus on compliance
  • Increase the flexibility of engineering capacity


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