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Utilities are under constant pressure to deliver reliable, undisrupted services to end-customers while maintaining safety and low rates. Quick recovery after power outages due to adverse weather presents a real challenge for utilities. The continued use of legacy infrastructure is a substantial concern—it impairs the ability to provide safe and reliable services to meet demand. An aging workforce and the inability to get fresh talent poses an additional challenge. Utilities must ensure cost-effective planning, construction, and maintenance of their delivery infrastructure to address these challenges.

By combining substantial utility domain experience with our core engineering DNA, Cyient has been helping organizations become future-ready. We offer high-quality and efficient services that help complete projects and continue operations seamlessly. Our engineering solutions help utilities with field service management for a safer and more reliable network environment, and our qualified design engineers assist with aging infrastructure replacement programs.

Our Services


Field Inventory Management

Cyient’s SmartHub offers a comprehensive, secure, and integrated platform that supports all aspects of data-related activities for large-scale field inventory programs.


Planning and Design

For more than 25 years, we have helped utilities plan and design their electric and gas networks. By leveraging our extensive knowledge in design standards, processes, and systems, we offer a broad spectrum of services—from planning to the “as-built” update phase.


Make-Ready Engineering

We offer a comprehensive series of solutions to assist utilities in meeting the demand increase for pole loading and design mitigation services.


Power Line Systems-Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Our experts use software incorporating terrain modeling, engineering, spotting, and drafting to help effectively design power lines. With specialization in 3D spatial relationship management, we provide that extra level of detail on overhead structures, wires, and topographic data.

Field Inventory Management

Planning and Design

Make-Ready Engineering

Power Line Systems-Computer Aided Design and Drafting

The Cyient Advantage

Our emphasis on operational efficiency, process excellence, and customer service allows us to deliver significant business benefits to our customers. 


Service Design Icon

Improved Service Design Process

Enhance efficiency and productivity by leveraging Cyient resources experienced in SAP, BUD, and GE Smallworld.

Processing Time Icon

Minimized Processing Time

Minimize the total service connection processing time by streamlining your design process.

Overall Costs Icon

Reduced Overall Costs

Lower the overall service connection cost.

External Contractor Icon

Streamlined External Contractors

Reduce dependency on contract design engineers by optimizing the design process

Customer Experience Icon

Improved Customer Experience

Increase customer engagement by decreasing back office time.

Supply Chain Icon

Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Improve vendor management by reducing external design resources.

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Reduced Number of Site Visits

A standard site inspection template helps site designers gather all the required information in one go, reducing the need for multiple site visits.

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