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As grid complexity continues to increase, the need for data that is readily available and accurate is critical for the management of distributed energy resources (DER). Cyient’s intelligent Data Management Solution (iDMS) enables utilities to assess and validate GIS data against other relevant systems and govern data quality for Advanced Data Management System (ADMS) readiness. It helps increase data accuracy to better predict outages and improve fault identification. By leveraging this solution, utilities can work in tandem with GIS, asset management, customer, meter, and other data-intensive systems to ensure reliable reporting. More importantly, iDMS turns underutilized capital investments into productive resources by leveraging smart meter data to automate network data validation. Our solution is technology-agnostic, supporting all commercial off-the-shelf products and platforms through published APIs.

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Enhanced Safety and Security

Provides a holistic view of the grid, which delivers a measurable impact on safety, helps improve service reliability, and reduces significant losses every year.


Improved Service Reliability

Enables the creation of a robust and stable data governance model to support the long-term success of ADMS.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Provides high-quality data to the ADMS, saving up to 60% of the effort spent on visual inspection of input data and making the process 2x faster.


Increased Productivity

Leverages metering data to automate and improve data accuracy, turning underutilized capital investments into productive resources.


More OPEX Driven

A SaaS-based solution, it enables utilities to transition data purification costs from capital budget to operational expense.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Improved Service Reliability

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increased Productivity

More OPEX Driven

How Are Utilities Developing Strategies for Grid Modernization and Driving Advanced Distribution?

Cyient’s data management solution is the answer. It helps assess, validate, and govern data across utility networks for informed decision-making.


The Cyient Advantage

We deliver solutions to the utilities industry that provide powerful insights across critical business areas, increasing safety and productivity, while reducing costs and environmental impact. We do this by harnessing the power of data analytics, IoT, and asset health monitoring services.

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Improve asset availability and uptime

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Reduce cost and
minimize penalties

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Minimize disruption and
recovery time

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Improve safety
and coordination

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