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Five Megatrends Will Define The Next Decade For Our Customers

Digital technologies continue to be pivotal in redefining the ER&D industry, contributing to more than 27% (USD 360 Bn) of the overall ER&D spend. Every business is transforming into a digital organization with software steering the wheel, data-driven insights powering their growth and sustainability driving their key value proposition. Intelligent software defined products, next-gen connectivity, edge and autonomous systems, sustainable energy systems, and cloud platforms & data insights have taken center stage and continue to demonstrate their impact across megatrends.


Industry 4.0 & Smart Operations

$180 Bn

spend by 2025

Creating efficiencies across industrial value chain by integrating technology with connectivity and automation


Intelligent & Meta Mobility

$155 Bn

ER&D spend on ACES by 2025

Autonomous, connected, electric and shared (ACES) and Urban Air Mobility disrupting mobility, with futuristic concepts such as meta mobility & hyperloop revolutionizing mobility in the next decade


Digital Healthcare

$95 Bn

ER&D spend by 2025

Software as Medical Device (SaMD), virtual health, remote monitoring, smart devices, Point of Care devices, robots and digital twins shaping the future of healthcare



200 Mn tonnes

of global material usage by 2060

Alternative energy sources, waste management, reducing carbon footprint, and green manufacturing taking centerstage in achieving sustainability goals


Space Systems


investments in downstream segment

Increased bandwidth required for autonomous cars, IoT, digital healthcare, AI/ML, metaverse, and video streaming driving demand for data and satellite communication services

Take a look at our Megatrends report, which is a beacon into the evolving future, shedding light on the key technologies that will not only disrupt various industry segments and redefine the supply chain but also revolutionize the way we live, work, travel, and operate.

Accelerating Engineering and Technology Convergence

Enterprises are already making investments towards these megatrends to achieve growth, deliver top-notch customer experience, foster associate well-being, and ensure that the operational metrics are optimized in a cohesive and connected world. By collaborating with our global customers at every step of the process, we accelerate engineering and technology convergence to help them design digital enterprises, build intelligent and platforms and solve sustainability challenges, as they accelerate towards these megatrends.

Designing Digital Enterprises

Helping businesses sense, learn, adapt, and innovate across the value chain to develop smarter products and processes

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Building Intelligent Products & Platforms

Developing connected products and autonomous systems, intelligent networks, cloud data platforms, and intelligent experiences

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Solving Sustainability Challenges

Ensuring resource-conscious operations through de-carbonization, energy storage, carbon capture, and renewable fuels


Academic Partnerships

To tap into the brightest minds of tomorrow


R&D Labs & Incubation Center

To develop IP-driven solutions, products & platforms


Strategic & Niche Partners

To leverage cutting-edge technologies


Innovation  Studios / CoEs

For exclusivity and security of our customers and partners

CyientifIQ – CYIENT Forum for Innovation Quotient

CyientifIQ, is a forum, a platform that taps into not just  our experience of delivering innovative outcomes for 30+ years to 300+ organizations, globally, but also expertise and experiences of our innovation ecosystem, including partners, start-ups, academia, industry associations, labs and studios.

Applying Technology Imaginatively to solve problems that matter

Staying true to our vision here are key challenge we are solving for our customers across 10+ industries with 15+ solutions

Designing Digital Enterprises

Building Intelligent Products & Platforms

Solving Sustainability Challenges

Product Lifecycle Management

Enabling continuous evolution of products with rapid design, production, and refinement to stay ahead of changing market needs

Manufacturing Operations Management

Gaining complete visibility into manufacturing processes to optimize & enhance performance at each stage of operations

Geospatial Enterprise Applications

Enabling informed decision-making, real-time tracking, and complete situation awareness

Service Management

Enhancing customer experience at every touch point with smart workflows to identify and resolve problems quickly

Connected Products & Autonomous Sytems

Integrating intelligent technologies with sensors, connectivity, and AI to develop connected products and enable autonomous operations

Cloud Data Platforms & Intelligent Experiences

Leveraging platforms to enable data-driven decision making, personalization and control for end-users by integrating data analytics, connectivity, smart technologies, and IoT


Developing energy efficient systems towards enabling cleaner, more sustainable power generation and utilization

Zero Touch Networks

Enabling rapid and real-time monitoring, control, optimization and autonomy by leveraging enterprise private 5G networks to simplify network configuration and management


Supporting decarbonization of industries by providing plant and product solutions to reduce carbon footprint

Energy Storage

Helping our customers achieve sustainability goals through long term energy storage projects such as liquid air energy storage (LAES)

Carbon Capture

Supporting the decarbonization of industries such as waste to energy, from feasibility to FEED

Renewable Fuels

Delivering energy efficient solutions across hydrogen, hydrogen-based fuels (like ammonia), biogas, bio-LNG etc.

Our CyientifIQ Partners

Case Studies


Migrating Legacy Code With Generative AI

A large global transportation company that needed to address the crucial task of migrating to modern programming was under pressure given its outdated systems. Cyient provided the perfect customized solution with its Coddy tool, which leverages Generative AI for code migration and automated scripting.


Perception System for Automated Driving & Operation

Enabled safe and reliable operation of an off-highway vehicle by developing a perception system that leverages advanced sensor fusion algorithms and machine learning capabilities for target detection and autonomous operations. The system's modular design makes it easily adaptable to different vehicle platforms and applications, providing flexibility and scalability for automotive Tier 1s and OEMs


Designing Digital Cockpit for Vehicle Performance, Safety, and Comfort

Designed scalable and secure software architecture for a European Tier-1 by leveraging advanced analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to enable real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, safety, and comfort. The architecture can run multiple OS and applications to combine distributed functionalities of IVI, Instrument Cluster and Connectivity on single hardware


Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow for the City of Oslo

Partnering with Hafslund Oslo Celsio for capturing 400,000 tonnes of CO2 every year on their waste-to-energy plant that contributes to 17% of the city’s emissions and is the biggest single emitter of CO2 in Oslo. As the engineering partner, Cyient has been involved from concept phase to FEED phase, and supported on design optimization and cost reduction initiatives

CyientifIQ Insights



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Decoding the ASEAN Medical Device Directive (AMDD) and accelerating regulatory compliance for the ASEAN market

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Intelligent cabin management for urban air mobility

An integrated AI-driven solution for safer cabin operations in autonomous UAM

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Contactless Health Monitoring with RF Technologies

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Advances in Remote Sensing Technologies for Monitoring River Water Quality

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Recycling EV Batteries: Toward a Brighter Future

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Our CyientifIQ Team

Rajaneesh Kini

Chief Technology Officer

Prabhakar Shetty

Chief Digital Officer

Rathinder Bhat

Technology Leader


Hardik Kansupada

Technology Leader


Raman KV

Technology Advisor

Jitendra Thethi

Technology Partner

Digital Platforms

Jan Crols

Technology Partner


Nagesh Shenoy

Technology Partner

Connected Products & Electrification