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Innovating Tomorrow Together

It’s Time for the ‘Next Normal’

Executives across the globe realize that innovation is the key to reshaping their industry and creating new markets. Yet, only one in 10 organizations is realizing meaningful value from their innovation programs.

The pace of change, across industries, is advancing like never before. User expectations, both on the consumer side and the business side, are marching further ahead of this change. This makes reimagining operations, processes, and experiences a default requirement.


Innovating for the Future

There are essentially two approaches to innovating for the future – creating new products, systems, & processes; and reimagining existing systems & processes.

Enterprises that look at their existing operations & processes with a fresh perspective stand to create endless opportunities quickly. In fact, this is the very definition of innovation.

With our best brains coming together to build IP-driven solutions, products, & platforms, Cyient enables organizations to create value out of this existing intelligence in an accelerated manner while staying ahead of the curve over the long run. Our solution accelerators deliver non-linear value in a sustained manner to enterprises across sectors.


Looking beyond Technology, Solving for Business

It has become clear, especially in a pandemic-struck world, that technology is the new, definitive fulcrum for inclusive progress of enterprises and society at large. This is because technology has evolved rapidly. For enterprises, the lesson in this evolution is that every spinning gear needs to evolve at a similar pace.

It becomes important, therefore, to look beyond technology and focus on how businesses can leverage technological maturity to ride the wave of innovation—make products & services exponentially better, enrich user experiences, and derive greater ecosystem benefits.

With these objectives in mind, we’ve created CyientifIQ, a platform that doubles down on our experience of delivering innovative outcomes for 30+ years to 300+ organizations, globally. CyientifIQ is the coming together of people to build future-ready solutions along with our partners by leveraging a combination of mature and emerging technologies to create topline and bottomline impact for business enterprises.


Our approach to reimagined innovation

With in-house R&D expertise and infrastructure in place, Cyient has created a collaborative innovation ecosystem to build productized solutions. We have extended this to leverage our long-standing collaborative relationships with big bet competency partners, startup incubation centers, as well as academia to discover new ideas, bring them to life, and deliver transformational business outcomes.

Our innovation evangelists lead these relationships while keeping a keen eye on technological advancements that reshape our daily experiences.

As we build out innovative solutions that anticipate and meet tomorrow’s demands today, we have created a culture built on openness and diversity of perspectives. CyientifIQ is our commitment to deliver on this promise, ensuring we have our best minds engaged in designing tomorrow together.

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Solutions and Frameworks

Our purpose-built, plug-and-play solutions are quick to deploy and quick to prove business value. Our suite of mature IPs, products & platforms deliver operational and decision intelligence to make implementing innovation at scale a reality.

Decision Support underpinned by Geospatial Offerings

Group 207

Vegetation Management Solution

A powerful cloud platform enabling utility and telecom service providers to process LiDAR data, classify vegetation, analyze risks, and deliver actionable insight to field crews.

Group 210

Virtual Asset Management System

An interactive Digital Twin of telecom and utility towers that uses the power of artificial intelligence to turn LiDAR data into actionable insights.

Group 208

5G Pole Inventory Planning (5GIP)

5GIP brings planning and design capabilities to the desktop via an on-demand database of pole locations (lat/long) used to accelerate 5G and small cell rollout planning. It helps CSPs understand what poles exist in a particular area of interest, space availability, and project viability.


Virtual Walkout (VW)

A unified platform for the design of a physical telecom network, VW accelerates the process of creating or enhancing asset inventories by utilizing high-resolution LiDAR, 360° imagery, and AI to locate and digitize features reducing the need for field surveys.

Intelligent Operations for the Energy and Utilities Industries

Network Insights

Network Insights for the Grid

An engineering awareness and grid analytics tool to provide predictive and data quality insights to support operational needs such as "phase prediction"; Transformer-Meter connectivity quality assessment, etc.

Asset Data

Asset Data Management Workflow Platform

An integrated platform to streamline workflows between back-office and field inspections to support various Asset management activities such as Pole Inspections, Asset data collections, etc.

Connectivity Solutions

Group 207

Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) Solution

A pre-built solution for managed Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates. It helps accelerates development of intelligent and connected products for its customers across industry.
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