Identifying potential risks in the right of way (ROW) of assets across electric, telecom, rail, and O&G companies is a recurring and expensive exercise when done manually. Cyient combines advanced automation and monitoring capabilities to deliver industry-specific vegetation management solutions that help safeguard assets, improve network reliability, and reduce maintenance costs.

Our Vegetation Management Solution leverages geospatial, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies for providing insights on optimizing asset maintenance. This is possible by identifying the precise location of encroachments and their threat level. Our solution can be made available on both the cloud and on-premise.

Data is acquired from multiple sources such as mobile, airborne, terrestrial, UAV, and enterprise to capture asset conditions and vegetation growth in the field. Our solution then automates traditional data processing tasks and combines them with AI and ML technologies to create seamless 3D virtual maps.

Vegetation Management Solution Benefits

  • Increased Operational Efficiency Icon
    Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs Icon
    Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Financial Growth Icon
    Improved Revenue

  • Accurate Visualization of Network Corridors
  • Streamlined Asset Maintenance
Increased Operational Efficiency Icon

  • Improved Service Reliability
  • Easy Integration with Enterprise Systems

  • Automated data processing
  • Automated issue detection
Reduced Maintenance Costs Icon

  • Leverage intelligent vegetation growth modeling

  • Save up to $1.5 million for every 1,000 km of network
  • Save up to 40% on annual assessments of asset condition
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  • Eliminate logistics costs and related risks
Next-Gen Vegetation Project

Discover how our next-gen vegetation management solution helps you to reduce operational costs by eliminating manual inspection and automating issue detection.

By using our utility vegetation management solution, electric utilities can undertake sag and sway analysis, automatic identification of asset defects such as damaged insulator plates and bending poles, and encroachments into the right of way, among other services.  We streamline vegetation clearance programs to prioritize work per risk levels and deliver targeted results cost-effectively.

Partnering for Success

Vegetation Management 1

Discover how SCE, a major power utility in the USA, leveraged our vegetation management services to quickly and cost-effectively get vegetation encroachment insights.

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"A key benefit to using Cyient’s LiDAR and Vegetation Management services is reliability for all of my data needs. As a LiDAR specialist at Southern California Edison, I wanted to acquire aerial imagery and LiDAR for addressing vegetation risk management across our Transmission network. By collaborating with other SCE departments, we developed additional use cases for the LiDAR data and reduced SCE’s overall spend to maximize business value. Cyient managed the data acquisition process, delivered PLS-CADD models and Planimetry for our Transmission Line Engineering group, vegetation models for me, and developed wetlands delineation for our Environmental group. "

Working with a knowledgeable partner like Cyient who understand the vegetation process made the entire project easier to coordinate with less iterations. I think Cyient’s depth and breadth of GIS capabilities and proven delivery model can add value to any Utility dealing with vegetation, asset, or environmental management.

Seth Reid
Vegetation Management Quality Control Advisor – LiDAR SME, SCE

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