In the coming decades, air transportation of people and cargo is set to expand; however, several challenges currently face the aviation sector, including achieving greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, serving larger populations through regional and local airports, managing aircraft noise, and reducing the cost of operations, to name a few.

Aircraft electrification eliminates carbon emissions at the source and is one pathway to sustainable aviation with net-zero carbon-emission aircraft.

Electric aircraft come in two major types: hybrid electric and battery-electric aircraft. Battery-electric aircraft requires charging infrastructure on the ground between flights. In contrast, hybrid electric aircraft may recharge during flight, increasing overall flight efficiency, though some also charge on the ground.

Advanced Air Mobility efforts include the development of electric power for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and electric conventional takeoff and landing (eCTOL) solutions. Both aircraft types feature battery-powered electric propulsion systems. Below is the UAM/eVTOL Architecture-


Our Offerings


Battery Management System

Battery Management System with cell voltage measurement, cell balancing, SOC/ SOH calculation of battery pack, Battery pack temperature measurements with enhanced protections



Active, isolated AC to DC conversion for HVDC with output upto 850VDC, higher efficiency, and Power factor correction conversion


High Voltage Power Distribution

High Voltage Power distribution with the combination of conventional electromechanical contactors, circuit breakers, relays for higher currents, and solid-state design for low currents


Inverters for Propulsion Drive

Inverters for motor Drive application for rating up to 100kW with 3-Phase 3-Level T-Type inverter using SiC devices and advanced protection


HVDC to DC Converters

Input range 450 to 850VDC, Outputs 12V/28V/48V. Higher rating up to 5kW for Control electronics, Door actuators, Window activation, Data concentrator. Lower rating @ 100W for Entertainment devices


Low Power Motor Controllers

Low Power (up to 5kW) Motor Controllers for Battery cooling fan, Heater, Pump loads


Low voltage Power Distribution

Low Voltage Power Distribution with solid state controllers with zero current switching, zero voltage switching, programmable I2t profile, advanced protections like Short Circuit, Ground Fault etc., Switch health status & control, CAN communication


Redefining Power Electronics and Electrical Engineering for Your Product Roadmap

The market today offers a wide range of power electronics solutions. However, finding the right fit for your product development roadmap, designing the product/solution to specifications, and mitigating system level challenges are often difficult. Organizations lose a significant portion of their budget and time trying to get this right.

At Cyient, we bring decades of design and engineering expertise in state-of-the-art power electronics for aerospace, electric mobility (motor and traction systems),renewables, and energy storage systems. We have delivered high-reliability solutions such as intelligent power distribution systems, power conversion units (AC/DC/HVDC), charging systems, and electrical protection systems (I2T, short circuit, ground fault, arc fault, over current, and over-voltage).

Our customers have received not just an enhanced and efficient product but, in some cases, a 20 to 30% reduction in Non-Recurring Engineering and recurring costs.


Our Key Tenets of Engineering







Why Cyient

With more than two decades of experience working with global industry leaders in providing engineering solutions in avionics, navigation flight control systems, connectivity, electric systems and MRO solutions, Cyient offers robust solutions to meet the unique needs of regional aircraft and UAM.

Cyient leverages its expertise in engineering and manufacturing to take product-level ownership, from design to manufacturing and sustenance, to meet the global requirements and localization needs for power electronic products.


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