In a competitive industrial environment, original equipment manufacturers, owners, and operators can no longer afford the unplanned downtime, operational and safety risks, and unexpected costs associated with corrective equipment maintenance. Today, a preventive and predictive maintenance approach to equipment management is critical for any organization looking for actionable intelligence ahead of failure detection and greater overall efficiency. Cyient’s Connected Equipment offering helps customers use equipment data to predict, diagnose, and determine prescriptive actions to address operational and safety issues within an individual machine or component, as well as the broader working environment.

Our offering leverages IoT to execute the data for actionable insights, advanced analytics to predict equipment failure before scheduled maintenance, and asset health monitoring to gain insight into connected products, enabling our clients to drive an increase in operational efficiency and overall safety while also reducing maintenance costs.

Providing safer, smarter, and more connected products is a necessity to stay competitive within the industrial, energy, and natural resources industries.

What is Connected Equipment?

Cyient’s offering brings our domain knowledge, data science expertise, and integration capabilities together to guide your organization through its connected equipment strategy roadmap using IoT and analytics technology.

Cyient’s Connected Equipment Approach

Take the first step in reaching your operational efficiency goals, enhancing customer experience, and developing new revenue streams with a connected equipment roadmap. We’re here to help!

  • assess



  • adapt



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  • integrate



  • secure



  • create



  • maintain



Connected Equipment assessAssessConnected Equipment assessAssess

Connected Equipment assess

Identify equipment connectivity and business goals, then assess your organization’s IoT readiness.

Starting with a consultative approach, Cyient helps you define connectivity needs and capabilities across all business functions and the entire organizational structure, as well as defining the revenue model and ROI.

Take our IoT readiness assessment.


Connected Equipment assess

Familiarize your organization with business changes that come with IoT implementation.

By defining the technical and business teams required to implement a connected equipment strategy, as well as the associated benefits and responsibilities for each team, Cyient can help you build a case for involvement throughout your organization.

Prepare for culture change by understanding the role of each team.


Connected Equipment build-new

Ensure your team has the required technology competence and structure to accomplish an IoT system build.

Cyient can help you determine the technology components necessary for the most efficient build, whether it’s hardware, software, a new network architecture, analytics, or cloud infrastructure.

Make sure you have the right technology stack, resources, and team skillsets.



Incorporate connectivity into your equipment, products, and operations.

Cyient can help you integrate connectivity into existing products and services, develop new digital offerings, and yield valuable business insights by generating actionable intelligence from analytics.

Partnering with the right full-service engineering design and development firm will help deliver successful execution.



Ensure compliance with industry standards, and establish or strengthen your cybersecurity procedures.

Cyient helps you implement and verify that compliance, data privacy and data security measures are in place at every step.

A strong security plan includes IP protection for your company and your customers.



Build applications on your connectivity platform that meet your internal and external goals.

Cyient provides guidance on data consumption that helps you yield the greatest impact, by ensuring the right information gets into the right team members’ hands.

Make sure your connectivity applications align with your overall business objectives.



Guarantee your robust connectivity platform is maintained over the long-term.

Once consistent data-driven insights and operational efficiencies are in place, Cyient can help you determine the best way to react now, while planning for future business requirements and technology advancements.

Make sure your maintenance plan is as strong as your connectivity platform.

Looking for Safer, Smarter, and More Reliable Equipment?

Consider how a connected equipment implementation utilizing IoT, advanced analytics, and asset health monitoring can create new value in your organization:

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Improve top-line sales revenue with enhanced product differentiation
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Build new revenue streams by leveraging equipment connectivity
Customer Experience Icon
Enhance customer experiences
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Improve operational excellence and savings
Extend capabilities enabling a digital workforce
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Strengthen risk management, security, and compliance

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