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Accelerate Innovation and Growth across enterprises with technology at the core of your transformation. Realize the full potential of your IT-OT investment while future-proofing and enhancing resiliency with our advanced core digital capabilities.


Embrace "Core Digital" for Transformation At Scale

Businesses must embrace a digital first approach to achieve agility, innovation, and growth at scale. We bring our experienced and comprehensive digital benefits to your business.

Digital - Transformation Technologies to enable comprehensive digital benefits to your business. Our 4 core transformation approaches:

  • "Assessment and Advisory " helps you to assess the current state of digital transformation maturity and devise a roadmap and automation strategy by leveraging your existing IT investments.
  • Modernization and Migration. Technology Future Proof the ready for scale.
  • Optimization and Efficiency. Leverage existing IT investments and maximize operational efficiency.
  • Sustenance and Support. Deliver at scale and expand on demand.
Empowering a Leading Telecom Company

Empowering a Leading Telecom Company

Our Expertise in Selecting the Best Automation Tool for Streamlining Telecom Network Operations

UiPath, Blueprism, Power Automate

Services that transform your business from the core.


Cloud Platform Services

Migration, Hybrid, Native, Microservices, and Security Services.


Data, Ai, and Analytics Services

Data Platform, X 360*, Data Democratization, Analytics, and Actionable Insights.


Modernization and Integration Services

Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Orchestration, and Enterprise Service Business.


DevOps and Security Services

Extreme flow by Ci/CD, IaC, Security implementation, monitoring, Logging, communication, and collaboration.


Automation Services

Business Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, Process Mining, and customized BOTs.


Testing Automation and QA Services

Test Strategy, zero code test automation, collaborate with test ops.


New Product Development Services

Design Thinking, Ideate, Incubate, and Accelerate.

Core Digital - Transformation Technologies Accelerators Include

  • Maturity Assessment Accelerators
  • Cloud Platform X Accelerators
  • Pre-configured Data models
  • Secure DevOps Framework
  • Automation as a Strategy

Count On Us

Industry and function-specific expertise on data and AI insights


Full spectrum of cloud services to help you realize the value of your investment


Enablers and Accelerators for Rapid digital transformation


Certified practitioners on core technologies - Cloud / Data / DevOps / Automation / AI / ML


Impact Delivered


Single source for all healthcare needs

A global leader in healthcare solutions needed a patient engagement and monitoring solution, which would be the portal for a user’s total medical data and healthcare continuum. Cyient’s digital stack technologies aided in building a solution that supported patients with personalized medication suggestions and notifications. This one-stop solution is integrated with hospitals and pharmacies and is usable by patients of all age groups.


Predictive failure analysis reducing maintenance costs by 20%

A global leader in clinical diagnostics was challenged with an unpreparedness for unplanned outages of their machine bases and inefficiencies in aftermarket maintenance schedules. Cyient’s machine failure analysis implementation solved this by predicting each machine’s survival probability and forecasting critical errors in advance. This resulted in a reduction of aftermarket maintenance costs by 20%.


Reducing operational accidents by 90%

Safety of constructor vehicle operators, low productivity of vehicles and high operational costs were some of the challenges for an agricultural manufacturing giant. Cyient’s perception system solution improved safety by providing 360-degree vehicle view and detecting hazardous situations and vehicle activity, resulting in the lowering of operational accidents by 90%.

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