Recorded Webinar

Ensure safer, smarter, and more reliable operations with Connected Equipment

Thursday, March 19
1pm EDT

Managing equipment health is a critical differentiator for OEMs and equipment owners & operators if they are looking to enhance asset visibility and enable real-time insights for superior performance.

Watch this exclusive webinar to learn how you can use data from connected equipment to transform business operations and get more bang for the buck.

Join us to learn how data can be used to predict, diagnose, and determine prescriptive actions to solve business problems. Our experts will discuss real-life scenarios to answer critical questions.
What drives the need for connected equipment?
What are the best practices for success?
What benefits can you expect?
How can you ensure platform sustainability?
Can you define ROI and identify new revenue streams?



“Every engineering challenge tells a unique story. And the better we understand the characters, the narrative, and the audience, the easier the problem is to solve!”


Digital Solutions Architect

As a digital solutions architect at Cyient, Matt is in the driver’s seat for developing digital solutions that leverage our engineering capabilities to solve business problems. Matt has led key teams and executed diverse projects in engineering simulation, mechanical engineering, embedded electronics, and IoT for global across the aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, energy, mining, and heavy equipment domains. 


“Data is a powerful asset when it comes to connected equipment, but the right approaches are critical to modernizing analytics processes and realizing strategic advantages.”


Senior Manager, Digital Solutions

Drawing from his experience across industries, Adam helps customers transform processes, gain new insights, and deliver value through data integration and analytics. Emphasizing scalable and maintainable design patterns, he develops data capture, processing, and analysis pipelines to address unique business opportunities and challenges. With extensive experience in machine learning techniques, modern cloud architectures, big data technologies, and visualization tools, Adam can talk on Python endlessly.