Spatial data acquisition is fundamental to any mapping activity or geospatial products and solutions. Cyient’s data acquisition capabilities allow us to capture high-resolution aerial and LiDAR data from fixed- and rotary-wing platforms. We also support vehicle-based mobile laser data capture. 

Backed by nearly three decades of geospatial experience, we offer end-to-end solutions from data acquisition to data processing to deliver a range of end-mapping products. While we use advanced imagery processing techniques to store, manage, and process large sets of data, we also address the complexities of disparate systems and technologies.


Mapping a Course in Global Road Networks for TomTom

Discover how we worked with the Dutch location technology specialist company to deliver accurate, updated navigation maps worldwide.

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Reliable Asset Information for a Rail Network

Cyient provided aerial LiDAR surveys coupled with vertical and oblique imagery allowing complex assets to be fully cataloged and mapped in 3D. The project covered 16,000 km of the rail network, mapping more than five million assets, including 30,000 bridges. This helped our customer access accurate asset information to visualize and plan better to reduce delays and improve their services.


Vehicle Restraint System Program

Captured mobile LiDAR data for more than 1,500 km of highway network for a customer. We undertook detailed Vehicle Restraint System scanning and mapping, and mounting crash barriers every 10 meters along the highway. We extracted and delivered the data in easy-to-use spreadsheets. This helped our customer to manage their infrastructure better and to improve safety for road users.

Learn how we enable enhanced decision-making with data intelligence, visualization, and analytics using the power of LiDAR. 

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