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Reimagine products and services with

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Reimagine products and services with IntelliCyient Digital Engineering and Technologies Suite

IntelliCyient Digital Engineering

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Transforming Engineering And Research Development by Delivering Digital Engineering and Delivering Digital Engineering

Transforming ER&D by
Delivering Digital Engineering
@ Scale

The advent of intelligent and connected products has ushered in a new era for ER&D. Moving beyond the traditional focus areas of concept design, manufacture, and aftermarket, ER&D companies are also tracking product-customer interactions at multiple levels, forming the ‘enterprise product digital thread’ throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Digital ER&D companies are blending their product expertise with IT-OT modernization, security, and user experience to co-design products with their customers to keep powering product innovation. Modern operations are leveraging digital technologies to sense, learn, adapt, and envision value across the value chain. Digital ER&D, therefore, has become an integral part of ER&D. To deliver Digital Engineering @ Scale, ER&D companies need to focus on five key elements


Modernizing - Enterprise Product & Asset Data Strategy

ModernizingEnterprise Product & Asset Data Strategy

Integrated product life cycle management and application life cycle management platforms and solutions connected to enterprise data


Digitalizing - processes


Synergies across products, processes, and people through AI/ML, MOM, analytics, digital thread, and digital twin


Enabling - Seamless User Experience

EnablingSeamless User Experience

Data-driven decision-making through product data analytics and user-friendly dashboards


Connecting - Stakeholders


Connect internal and external innovators by leveraging cloud platforms, AI/ML, and automation to drive innovation and growth


Accelerating - Scalable Solutions

ACCELERATINGScalable Solutions

Manage global rollout and multisite implementations to achieve faster-time to market

Digital Engineering Advisory & Consulting Services

Digital Advisory Services

Enhance every aspect of your operations, from assessing and analyzing to advising and developing the digital roadmap, with our digital engineering consulting services.

Our Play in Digital Engineering

Industry focused solutions that transform operations, improve performance, and enhance customer experiences.

Product Lifecycle Management

Enable continuous evolution of your products with rapid design, production, and refinement to stay ahead of changing market needs.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Gain complete visibility into your manufacturing processes to optimize and enhance performance at each stage of operations.

Geospatial Enterprise Applications

Enable informed decision-making, real-time tracking, and complete situation awareness by integrating geospatial technology applications with your business processes.

Service Management

Enhance your customer’s experience at every touch point with smart workflows that streamline teams in customer operations to identify and resolve problems quickly.

Xperience Design Studio

Interactive User Experience / Interactive Stakeholder Experience.

Application Engineering

Empower your business with the design and implementation of industry-specific technologies that enhance and streamline your operations.

Core Digital – Transformation Technologies

Enable complete transformation of your operations with core digital, augmenting your capabilities with cloud, data, analytics, AI/ML, and DevOps services.

IntelliCyient Solutions

Improve operational efficiency and asset utilization with accelerated benefit realization leveraging our ‘ready to use’ solutions.

Factory Pro - IntelliCyient Solutions



Digitalize day-in-a-life at Factory floor – Production, Quality, Maintenance, Workflows to improve performance and reduce cost.

Energy Care - IntelliCyient Solutions



One stop platform to monitor, analyze and balance energy usage to optimize overall energy consumption and cost.

Safe Place - IntelliCyient Solutions



Digital platform for safety and health compliance integrated with manufacturing operations.

FactoryDtect - IntelliCyient Solutions



Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

Asset Twin - IntelliCyient Solutions

Asset Twin

Asset Twin

Asset visibility and intelligence to monitor asset health and upcoming failure mode.

Digital Data Foundation - IntelliCyient Solutions

Digital Data Foundation

Digital Data Foundation

Common data platform for machines and processes – Factory network and/ or Factory Cloud

TPM Audit - IntelliCyient Solutions

TPM Audit

TPM Audit

IIOT platform driven Total productive maintenance (TPM) maturity guidelines, audit and action across 8 pillars with automation of data, analysis of progress and achieve plant maturity milestones.

Tower Operations Manager - IntelliCyient Solutions

Tower Operations Manager

Tower Operations Manager

End to end solution to manage Tower (communication and Utility) operations, planning, monitoring and analysis through Digital twin and IIOT.

Impact Delivered

New product development

New products in faster development cycles

New product development underpinned by manual documentation processes often brings major challenges leading to extended cycle times, reduction of quality, and unprecedented costs. Cyient’s end-to-end PLM implementation improved collaboration, simplified project management with dashboards, shorter product lifecycles and most importantly, zero-defect production quality.

Project management simplified with 75% accuracy 

Project management simplified with 75% accuracy

A shipbuilding PSU needed a project monitoring system that offered program analytics and accurate demand information. Cyient’s Teamcenter PMS implementation provided a complete dashboard solution where project management was simplified with onboard analytics and automation of tasks, deliverables and status updates. This resulted in the reduction of project planning time and improvement of accuracy by over 75%.

Scaling manufacturing with MES Implementation

Scaling manufacturing with MES Implementation

While scaling their business for the global market, large electronics manufacturing companies face several challenges including high cycle times, increased scrap, and lower production volumes. Cyient helped this manufacturing company implement Cantier MES with 9 different modules, which improved their productivity, efficiency, and the overall product quality.

Shop floor monitoring with MES

Shop floor monitoring with MES

When it comes to their shop floor operations, most businesses face challenges such as lack of transparency, health monitoring processes, and siloed databases. Cyient solved this by implementing an MES solution across four areas, performing business case and ROI analysis and scaling it to more lines and units.

Time-sensitive planning reduces TAT

Time-sensitive planning reduces TAT

New product development underpinned by manual documentation processes often brings major challenges leading to extended cycle times, reduction of quality, and unprecedented costs. Cyient’s end-to-end PLM implementation improved collaboration, simplified project management with dashboards, shorter product lifecycles and most importantly, zero-defect production quality.

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