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Develop And Sustain Adaptive Enterprise Applications

Legacy applications, once the backbone of organizations, must be upgraded to the latest digital technologies to provide better user experiences and improve value output. Layered architecture has replaced monolithic design as it is easier to reuse, scale, and manage. Increasingly, enterprises must deploy application changes faster and scale on demand and in real time.

Application Services help customers design, develop, and deploy modern applications specific to business needs. Our services enable effective application portfolio management, accelerate application development, and employ agile, test-driven, and scaled agile frameworks for high-quality and responsive applications. Our experienced team leverages open source, low code, cloud-based development, and microservices-based architecture to drive your business applications’ scalability, resilience, and agility.

Services That Enable Application Engineering Excellence


Custom Application Development

Create bespoke applications to meet current and future needs while staying compatible with the other tools to facilitate efficiency.


Software Modernization

Enable faster decision-making at the enterprise level with a modern IT core to improve scalability, interoperability, performance, architectural flexibility, and UI/UX.


Maintenance And Support

Enable corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive maintenance and support of legacy applications along with SLA-based helpdesk support.


Mobile Development

Design and build superior digital products, enabling seamless user experiences, scalability, native & cross-platform solutions, and enhanced UI/UX design.

Count On Us

Agile development model for rapid value delivery through incremental development.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to scale lean and agile practices to a larger organization.


DevOps for an agile-based approach in bringing together all aspects of software development and IT operations.


Test-driven development that takes a quality-first approach for each stage of development.


Impact Delivered


Achieving scale and improving availability with modern web-based applications

Outdated software tools often require frequent updates to transform into a modern solution. Cyient’s team of architects and developers used modern digital technologies and capabilities to streamline the workflow and increase the efficiency for this business. The new web-based tool could now be deployed on a serverless basis, which further improves availability and scalability.


Real-time monitoring of boiler performance with 50% better accuracy

This company needed a temperature measurement system for the monitoring of recovery boiler beds and checking boiler fouling build up. Cyient’s temperature monitoring system provided accurate real-time readings of boiler efficiency and emissions control, which resulted in the enhancement of boiler performance and accuracy by 50% and eased overall scalability.


Healthcare giant achieves 50% market coverage for its unified platform

For a leading healthcare enterprise, the objective was simple: to bring its hospital patient monitoring (HPM) and emergency care (EC) services under a common platform. Cyient achieved this by integrating the two services under a new platform, developing the platform’s components, and integrating multiple business applications. With this, medical expenditures reduced by 40% and up to 50% market coverage was achieved.

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