Intelligent Engineering for
the Networks of Tomorrow

Enabling Intelligent Infrastructure | Empowering Smart Operations | Reimagining Network Transformation

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Intelligent Engineering for
the Networks of Tomorrow

Enabling Intelligent Infrastructure | Empowering Smart Operations | Reimagining Network Transformation

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Like our way of life, networks are evolving.

The advent of the digital age has seen a rapid transformation in customer demand for telecom services. Across the globe, consumers are seeking greater connectivity to bring their interests closer, and enterprises are moving towards private networks to facilitate autonomous operations and enhanced data security. With change on the horizon, network capabilities must be re-imagined for maximum performance and scalability, while minimizing environmental impact.


The Paradigm Shift, at a Glance


Monolithic, with distributed pieces of equipment interconnected and controlled through the core

Network-as-a-service model driven by software-defined modular architectures


Manual operations and reactive maintenance processes

Agile infrastructure management for greater efficiency and faster deployment


Manual operations and reactive maintenance processes

Proactive intervention enabled through digitized and automated end-to-end processes


Standard feature sets applicable to a given area, with very little scope for customization

"Hyper-personalized" offerings based on category of service, customer segment, and geography


Focus on quality tracking and improvements through network data

Analyzing network data to generate broader business insights for strategic differentiation

Our Play In Engineering The Networks Of Tomorrow

Intelligent Infrastructure

The demand for internet bandwidth is doubling every year. Telecom operators across the globe are on a mission to roll out network infrastructure that provides maximum coverage, minimum latency and complies with the regulatory requirements. However, the following challenges often prolong the planning and design cycle.

Design & Build

We provide a complete life cycle of services for efficient rollout of wireline and wireless infrastructure in the access network, with the help of automated solutions.

Abstract 1

Our integrated approach ensures

Reduce total cost of ownership
40-50% design cost saved by optimal network planning
Shorter design cycles
Lead time reduced by 30% using process automation
Seamless information flow
95% field and GIS system inventory synchronization

Smart Operations

Telecom customers demand shorter activation time, continuous service availability and quicker issue resolution. Operators often run up against legacy networks and processes which impede them from meeting these customer demands. Some of these key challenges being :

Automated Provisioning.
Proactive Maintenance.

We support automated discovery, provisioning, and reconciliation of active network elements, integrating it with passive inventory to provide a unified view of the network. Thereby, enabling better control over network operations.

Abstract 1

Our technology-led approach ensures

Smart Integrated Network Operations
Time taken to activate new mobile accounts reduced by 90%
Improved Customer Satisfaction
NPS increased by 12 points
Revenue Assurance
Improved availability of services from 60% to 90%

Enterprise Network Transformation

Enterprises are transforming their operations and hence need networks that support their bandwidth and security requirements. However, there are inherent challenges that enterprises need to overcome to be future ready :

Network solutions catering to enterprises’
digital transformation needs

We provide private network solutions and digital applications to enable the business transformation of enterprises.

Abstract 1

Our offerings are based on the extensive domain knowledge amassed over 30+ years of delivering engineering solutions to 10 industry verticals

Vendor neutral, bespoke network solution
Ever-growing list of partnerships with network solutions providers
Network managed as a service
Allowing enterprises to focus on their core competency
Ready to deploy digital applications
Several successful deployments with measurable gains.

Count on Our Expertise to Deliver Business Impact

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Delivering intelligent network solutions for a Digital, Autonomous & Sustainable Future

  • 100+

    Telcos empowered globally

  • 60+

    Millions of Homes Passed through Smart FTTx deployments

  • 2.6+

    Millions of Wireless 5G connections globally

  • 1

    Own NOC in Covilhã, Portugal

  • 4000+

    dedicated Telecom professionals

  • 250+

    Global solutions and software implementations

Awards & Recognitions


Cyient ranked as a Leader in Telecommunications and showing our scale connectivity, optimize networks, and seamlessly integrate advanced technologies, in shaping the scalable future of the Telecommunications Industry.


Cyient Shortlisted for TM Forum Excellence Awards 2024 in the Excellence in Innovation for People & Planet category


Shortlisted as a finalist for CommsDay Edison Awards 2024 in The Best Sustainable Initiative category



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