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Our Network Operations Center (NOC) introduces a revolutionary approach to transform traditional models of mobile network operators (MNOs), aiming to decrease operational costs through AI and ML algorithms.

By utilizing cutting-edge applications, the NOC creates intelligent centers that enhance resource utilization and service quality. Ongoing research initiatives, exemplified by the CANOPY project, focus on automating processes for improved resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Partnering with the NOC offers benefits such as energy-saving features, predictive fault detection, and operational efficiency, driven by AI and ML advancements. The NOC's commitment to innovation ensures it remains a leader in technological advances, promising reduced costs and optimized services.

Portfolio Overview

Research and Validate

Forecast, Design and Plan

Streamlined Fulfillment

Automated Optimization

Sustainable Assurance


Test bed, new tech., pre-commercial testing, software releases and features

State-of-the-art research on novel algorithms, AI and ML, capacity mng., energy, etc.
Multi-Solution Planning

DAS, CBRS, small cells, macro, micro, pico, etc.
Strategic Planning Consulting

RAN sharing and tower sharing strategic planning
EMF Validation and Compliancy

EMF assessment, H&S validation, red pen drawing, site readiness
Service Readiness

Service/tech. preparation for commercial launch. 5G, VoNR, ORAN, NBIoT, etc.

Rollout, modernization, RAN sharing rollout project management and reporting

Rollout, tech add, reframing, cutover, swap, decom., upgrade, etc.

Automated scripting and provisioning with VISMON Smart Rollout
Service Acceptance

Field and OSS based acceptance and supervision for all technologies

Network preparation and live monitoring for public benchmarking
E2E Optimization

Full RAN, TX, and CORE network performance improvement
Energy and IoT

Solutions for remote measurement for BTS and other customers

Hybrid NOC with HQ in Covilhã, Portugal working world wide

4G, 5G practical workshop by professional experts
Specialized Consultancy

Task force network issue resolution with specialized SME’s


Delivering Innovative Vendor-Agnostic Data-Driven Intelligent Operations






Global Locations


ISO-Certified NOC


OPEX Reduction

Transformation & Maturity Journey

Smart NOC "Standard"
  • Fault management (FM) based on individual EMS and NMS
  • Service impacting alarms raised
  • On Demand Automation
Smart NOC “Light”

Proactive fault management automation based 

  • Service impact determined from integrated FM & PM data
  • Prioritize problems, evaluate long term trends in quality
  • Standard Automation
Smart NOC “Full”

Cognitive fault management with product integration

  • Cognitive knowledge base and incident advisor
  • Anticipative and predictive insights with machine learning solutions
  • Advanced Automation

Our Approach

Transfer & Continue

Maintain & Improve


Interim BAU &LTS Mobilisation

Interim delivery
  • BAU delivery
  • Knowledge Transfer 
  • Transformation Support
LTS Mobilisation

  • Detailed planning / RACI
  • Organisation setup
  • Staff re-deplyoment
  • MSP staff augmentation
Interim to LTS Transition

Interim delivery
  • Increased Monitoring
  • IT Systems LLD
  • Delivery in Transition
  • KT Support
LTS Mobilisation

  • Consolidation of NOC functions
  • NOC function transfer from Engineering
  • Full Process Improvement Plan Training Plan
  • Service integrator in position

  • Strategy planning
  • Automation Roadmap Development Kick-Off
  • Automation Process Creation
  • Governance
  • Initial Use Case automation
NOC as a Service

  • Service Level Responsibility
  • Preventive Maintenance Audits
  • Consolidated OSS Support
  • Process Improvement
  • Best efforts shadowing
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Continuous Service Improvement (CSI)
  • SOC & SQM function introduction
  • KQI introduction
  • Governance

  • Automation Roadmap Development
  • Cognitive NOC
  • Maturity Development
  • Network Orchestration
  • TOM Optimization
  • Network Health Optimisation
Case Studies

NOC Location

Located at Covilhã, Portugal, our brand-new physical NOC, in combination with our satellite NOC in Mexico, UK and India provide worldwide coverage for all our current and future customers

Open Space NOC Area
Training Room
Service Room
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Eating and Resting Areas
Why Cyient

Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) is a global engineering and technology solutions company. We collaborate with our customers to design digital enterprises, build intelligent products and platforms and solve sustainability challenges. We are committed to designing tomorrow together with our stakeholders and being a culturally inclusive, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable organization