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The rail industry is undergoing a transformative phase driven by digital technologies, sustainability initiatives, and high-speed rail expansions globally. Smart infrastructure with IoT integration supports proactive maintenance and traffic management, while passenger experience enhancements and safety innovations ensure reliable and efficient transportation. Interoperability, automation, and data-driven decision-making further propel industry evolution towards optimized operations and enhanced connectivity.

At Cyient, we work closely with our clients to harness the power of technology and innovation. Our Intelligent Engineering accelerates digitalization, enhances safety and security, and fosters standardization and efficiency in rolling stock, rail signaling, rail operations and rail infrastructure sectors globally. We empower global companies to secure a competitive edge, reducing costs and speeding up time-to-market.

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Enabling Intelligent & Efficient Operations

We solve critical rail industry challenges with a solutions mindset, enabling intelligent operations through advanced inspection, autonomous perception, digital platforms, and Cybersecurity for optimized performance and safety.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Enhance passenger experience with Smart Stations (hygiene, safety, comfort and baggage monitoring, asset tracking), Multi-Modal Transport (last mile, single sign-on ticketing, End-to-End baggage transfer), AI-driven personalization, and seamless high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

Accelerating Sustainability Journey

Drive sustainability in rail with alternate drives, energy-efficient operations, asset utilization, and integrated renewable energy sources like hydrogen fuel cells, advanced electric and battery technologies, and hybrids.

Expertise in Global Standards

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Intelligent Engineering for Rail

Seamlessly integrating advanced digital solutions to redefine rail engineering and operations. Elevate efficiency and compliance across all facets of the rail industry.

Design Intelligent Products

Digitize Engineering Processes

Scale Industry 4.0 Solutions

Aftermarket Servitization

Design intelligent Products
Design Intelligent Products

"Revolutionize your market presence with our cutting-edge intelligent product development solutions."

Our offerings encompass digital interlocking, SDx and service-oriented architecture (ATS, ATO), grades of automation (CBTC, ERTMS/ETCS, PTC), and wireless communication signaling with 5G/LTE.

Digitize Engineering Processes

Transform your engineering design process with cutting-edge digital solutions.”

Efficiently manage designs with MBSE, PLM, and MBD. Our offerings include V&V - Testing as a Service and test automation, while enhancing hyper automation with RPA and Gen AI. Specifically tailored for Rail Transportation companies, our solutions streamline product development and improve compliance traceability.

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Scale Industry 4.0 Solutions

“Elevate your operations with scalable Industry 4.0 solutions for unparalleled efficiency.”

Implement advanced engineering solutions with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), IoT, Asset management, Industrial wireless networks, Cyber security, Digital thread and Digital twin technologies for improved operational efficiency.

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Aftermarket Servitization

"Enhance customer value and boost profitability with our comprehensive aftermarket servitization offerings."

Optimize service offerings for Rail Transportation companies with content management systems, smart contract management, spare parts forecasting, Inter modal platforms & Ticketing system, RAMS analysis, and predictive maintenance. Our services enhance customer value and boost profitability by leveraging advanced engineering solutions for the Rail industry..

Your Strategic Partner in Intelligent Rail Transportation
Expertise and service offerings tailored for the rail industry

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Mechanical Products
Control Center
Product Engineering
Maintenance Services
Predictive Maintenance and Operations​
Product Lifecycle Management​
AL & ML​
Gen AI​
V&V Test Automation

Success Stories

Enhancing Mobility Experience through Custom Fare Systems

Enhancing Mobility Experience through Custom Fare Systems

Cyient redefines travel by integrating personalized LCD screens into fare gates for an improved passenger experience and designs innovative ticket barriers to streamline fare collection systems.

Innovative Rail Ride Quality Monitoring

Innovative Rail Ride Quality Monitoring

Cyient's compact device leverages IoT and AI to enhance rail travel, improving ride quality by 35% with real-time vibration and location tracking for an optimal passenger experience.

Comprehensive Solution for Training Rail Operators

Comprehensive Solution for Training Rail Operators

Enhance operator skills with our CBTC-focused training simulators. Our solution integrates subsystem-specific simulators into a unified train simulator, capable of seamless interaction with real subsystems for comprehensive training experiences.

Driving Innovation in Rail Signaling: Collaborative Solutions for Tomorrow's Rail

Driving Innovation in Rail Signaling: Collaborative Solutions for Tomorrow's Rail

Partnering with OEMs, we excel in developing advanced signaling software solutions in the areas of CBTC, ERTMS, and PTC systems. Leveraging our automation capabilities and deep domain expertise, we streamline processes and deliver robust, customized solutions that meet OEM specifications with precision.

Digitizing Engineering Process of Rail Rolling Stock Development

Digitizing Engineering Process of Rail Rolling Stock Development

Our hyper-automation platform significantly reduces the design cycle time, accelerating Time to Market through enhanced stages of design, analysis, and manufacturing drawing creation for Rail Rolling Stock.

Innovation in our DNA


CyFAST for V&V

Harnessing the Power of Automation, ensuring Dependable and Efficient Software Testing.


CyARC for Certification

Cyient’s regulatory compliance platform provides regulatory workflow management, Regulatory Compliance – Augmented Gap analysis.

rail Cycero device

Cycero – IoT based Cab alarm system

Cycero Is Your One-Stop Cab Event Response Device for Increased Safety and Operational Reliability.

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CyText for Hyper automation

OCR based platform to extract text data from scanned pdf documents or images and provide option to bookmark the important key-value pairs.


EWIS Automation

Cyient EWIS Automation can streamline processes among their suppliers and across the production value chain with the way of Digital Thread.


Industry data fabric

Cyient has partnered with AWS to work together on industrial data fabric as a solution. The industrial data fabric solution is a collection of platform services from AWS and partner technologies, including HighByte and Element.


IPDP framework

The IPDP methodology can be applied to any avionics system that needs to be designed from scratch or requires re-engineering. This includes technical upgrades as well as those mandated by regulators.


GenAI self-service

Enable organizations in distributing the contextual content to various stakeholders in human like natural language using open AI APIs.


IoT Solution to build safer, smarter, and more efficient future-ready rail

Make intelligent and real-time business decisions with our IoT solutions, optimizing rail asset efficiency and availability while ensuring worker and passenger safety.

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Reimagine Operations with Enhanced Reality

Optimize resource utilization, enhance visualization and streamline cost across the design-build-maintain cycle with our augmented and virtual reality solutions.

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Cyber Security Solutions for Safer Railways

Leverage cyber security solutions for safer and more secure rail products, systems and networks.

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UAV-Driven Image Assisted Inspection for Enhanced Efficiency

Image Assisted Inspection for Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize infrastructure and rollingstock inspection with our image-assited inspection and analytics capabilities.

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Awards & Recognitions

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Product Challenger for Mobility as Service(MaaS), Electric Mobility Systems(EMS) & Manufacturing for eMobility Services and Solutions 2024

Ranked 31st among the Top 50 Engineering Services Providers by Everest in 2023​
Cyient has partnered with Thales in a shared commitment to lead the way towards a low-carbon future.
For the activity of Design and Development ne scope of certification: 19 (Single railway components) Engineering Design Services for Rail Systems
Product Challenger for Design, Digital Factory, Supply Chain, and Aftermarkets in all Categories for Manufacturing 2023

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Leveraging Technology and Digitalization for a Safer and More Secure Rail Journey

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