Revolutionizing Rail Operations

Leverage Technology and Digitalization for a Safer and More Secure Rail Journey

The $190 billion rail industry is poised to grow at a steady pace of ~3% till 2023 across its key segments, such as rolling stock, rail control, services, and infrastructure. While these are statistics indicating quantitative growth, passenger experience is what makes train travel truly memorable, and is the key differentiator in the transportation world. The industry is therefore increasingly focusing on the principal drivers of digitalization, safety and security, and standardization and efficiency. It must address today’s and tomorrow’s needs while ensuring the sector’s raison d’etre of safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Digitalization in Rail

Build competitive advantage through innovation

Safety and Security

Enhance agility through ownership and execution

Standardization and Efficiency

Achieve cost assurance through capability and flexibility

Technology and innovation in Rail

Working closely with its customers, Cyient leverages technology and innovation to increase the pace of digitalization, improve safety and security, and build standardization and efficiency in rail operations. We enable global companies to achieve a competitive advantage with cost reduction and accelerated time-to-market.

How We Partner

Designing Tomorrow Together is how we partner with our clients to deliver mobility solutions for today and tomorrow. Cyient offers a unique suite of full-scope services and solutions across the Design-Build-Maintain phases of rail assets and projects:

How we Partner- Design


Our Design solutions include rolling stock project and product engineering such as platform-based development/ modularization, train control management systems, physical installation and integration, and signaling application engineering.

How We Partner - Build


The Build offerings comprise product localization, life extension support, and electronics manufacturing including our CE-certified product CyceroTM, a cab alarm unit.

How We Partner- Maintain


Cyient’s Maintain offerings focus on enhancing the efficiency and availability of assets through data-analytics-led solutions (Internet of Trains), augmented and virtual reality, and cyber security solutions.

Our Solutions

Our unique design-build-maintain strategy enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions across the railway industry, building on the three key themes of digitalization, safety and security and standardization and efficiency.

We collaborate with clients to provide dynamic and technology-driven solutions that are tailored to enhance efficiencies, increase reliability, and improve safety across rolling stock, signaling, rail infrastructure and operations. Our deep domain expertise and wide global presence are complemented by our agile and innovation-driven approach to developing intelligent digital rail solutions as the rail industry moves toward Mobility 4.0.

IoT Solutions to Build Safer, Smarter and More Efficient Future-Ready Rail

Reimagine Operations with Enhanced Reality

Enhance Safety in Rail with CyceroTM

Cyber Security Solutions for Safer Railways

Image Assisted Inspection for Enhanced Efficiency

IOT Solutions
IoT Solutions to Build Safer, Smarter and More Efficient Future-Ready Rail

Make intelligent, real-time business decisions with our IoT solutions optimizing rail asset efficiency and availability while ensuring worker and passenger safety.

Reimagine Operations with Enhanced Reality

Optimize resource utilization, enhance visualization and streamline cost across the design – build-maintain cycle with our augmented and virtual reality solutions.

enhance safety
Enhance Safety in Rail with CyceroTM

Get your one-stop cab event response device for a safer train journey.

Cyber Security Solutions for Safer Railways

Leverage cyber security solutions for safer and more secure rail products, systems and networks.

Image Assisted Inspection for Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize infrastructure and rolling stock inspection with our image-assisted inspection and analytics capabilities.

Global Mobility Services and Solutions from Cyient

Global Mobility Services and Solutions

Cyient is your Design-Build-Maintain Partner

Rail Technology Trends

Autonomous Trains

Autonomous trains implement Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities for light rail and shunting operations. Object detection and collision avoidance, utilizing Camera, Radar, and Lidar technologies, ensure safe and efficient operations at the highest automation level (GoA4).

Internet of Trains

Enabling the Internet of Trains, with features such as Asset Health Monitoring which employs wireless IoT sensors to automate safety monitoring and predict engine performance. It also anticipates wheel and bearing failures in rolling stock, ensuring proactive maintenance for reliable railway operations.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to drive various applications including autonomous driving and control, asset maintenance and inspection, traffic planning and management, traffic simulation and forecasting, as well as smart incident management. Improving efficiency and safety in transportation systems.


Sustainability initiatives in transportation focus on alternate drives, energy-efficient operations, and optimizing asset utilization. Leveraging renewable energy sources like hydrogen fuel cells, advanced electric and battery technologies, and hybrids, along with value chain integration, promotes eco-friendly and economically viable transportation solutions.

Connectivity 5G & Security

Evolving connectivity and security in rail transportation with FRMCS, an interoperable communication system utilizing protocols such as 5G, LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, IP, Satellite Comm., CBTC, and Fiber Optics. This transformation enhances rail infrastructure, passenger experience, safety, and security standards.

Passenger Experience

Elevating passenger experience with engaging entertainment, passenger-to-passenger and passenger-to-industry/transport interactions, streamlined ticketing, culinary delights, efficient passenger identification, and prioritized noise reduction and hygiene measures. Providing a seamless and enjoyable journey for all travelers.

High Speed Rail

High-speed rail innovation introduces electric-powered autonomous hyperloop systems with advanced infrastructure. Incorporating passive magnetic levitation and linear motor technology for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, promising faster and smoother journeys.


Automation revolutionizes rail operations with track inspection through laser solutions, utilizing drones for height and bridge inspections. Robotic systems handle infrastructure cleaning and maintenance, ensuring enhanced safety and security across railway networks.

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Leveraging Technology and Digitalization for a Safer and More Secure Rail Journey

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