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Enhance your ASIC design by leveraging our extensive experience in semiconductor design services. We have successfully delivered ASIC design services to five of the ten leading semiconductor companies worldwide. We offer a full range of analog, digital, and mixed-signal ASIC, and system-on-chip (SoC) design services. We do this by taking advantage of our strong partnerships in the ecosystem of design tools, EDA tools, and strategic partnership with foundries, thereby helping customers accelerate their end-to-end product development journey.




The Cyient Advantage

We combine more than 20 years of SoC design services experience with expertise in ARM, RISC-V, FPGA and ASIC processors design, enabling clients to develop multiple applications. With more than 300 successful tape-outs of varying complexities, power, and speed, we have helped organizations across the globe develop automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, smart home, and data center chip design.

Our Services

  • Design,
    Digital and
  • DFT
  • Embedded
    Design &
  • Design
    Digital, and
  • Validation,
    Board Design
    and Mfg.
  • Physical IC
  • Silicon

  • SoC design expertise with ARM, RISC-V, FPGAs
  • Altera, Xilinx, and Microsemi FPGA to ASIC flow
  • Custom silicon design, feature updates, process node migration

  • In-house silicon concept to production & supply experience
  • Strong relationship with ecosystem players, EDA tools, foundries
  • Analog & digital IP design for a wide range of applications

  • Modular approach, focus on efficient silicon areas for cost control
  • High test coverage with fault models, BIST for memory and logic
  • Scan insertion, ATPG, pattern validation, timing simulation

  • Pre-silicon DFT verification with coverage
  • Low-power DFT, JTAG validation (IEEE 1149.1, 1149.6)
  • Post-silicon ATE debug and support

  • Board support package, board bring-up, firmware, device drivers
  • OS enablement, kernel porting, real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Audio, video, multimedia, and speech codecs services

  • Embedded application development & porting
  • UI development with Java RCP, SWT, JFace, JavaFX & EMF
  • Test & validation using LabVIEW, MATLAB, open-source tools

  • Analog mixed-signal, gate-level with SDF annotation, RC extraction
  • UVM expertise for digital & mixed-signal verification
  • Behavioral modeling in system Verilog, Verilog AMS, Verilog A

  • Automated constrained random, regressions with checkers
  • ARM subsystem, RISC-V, FPGA, SoC & IP verification
  • Coverage analysis, mapping-to-requirement specifications

  • LabVIEW automation of bench validation
  • Characterization of parameters, bench, and ATE correlation
  • Board design, schematic, and layout with GUI for testing

  • Silicon bring-up complete validation and characterization
  • EMI/EMC testing and compliance
  • Board manufacturing, and supply for EVMs & application boards

  • 7 nm, 14 nm advanced technology nodes experience
  • High-frequency designs of sub-GHz
  • Very high-power chip physical design capability

  • Low-power optimization flow with multi-power domains
  • Physical verification, DRC, LVS with industry-standard tools
  • Floor planning, place & route, timing closure, IR drop analysis

  • 7nm, 10nm, 16nm advanced process node experience
  • Multi-GHz layout development experience
  • Digital and analog domains expertise

  • Characterization of standard cell library, memory & analog modules
  • ESD, bond pad, bump layout design
  • Custom RF layout, custom memory (SRAM, ROM) experience

We understand that selecting the right semiconductor design service partner is critical. A wrong decision can be more expensive.

Check out 15 reasons why we outshine others in semiconductor design services.

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