Cyient has built a culture focused on quality and business excellence that allows us to create value for all stakeholders. We are committed to institutionalizing practices that conform to safety, security, regulatory, sustainability, and statutory requirements.

Our quality objectives are:

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Our Approach to Business Excellence

We follow a three-step approach to business excellence: educate, engage, and evaluate. We educate our associates on the latest process improvements, problem-solving tools, and methodologies, and engage them to apply the learnings in projects and business processes. We also evaluate the performance of delivery units annually and allow them to benchmark best practices both internally and externally.

Cyient’s Business Operating System

Aligning capabilities, processes, and tools to exceed our customers’ requirements and build more agile services and solutions is critical to our success. Cyient has set up a business operating system called BESt (Business Excellence Standardization) to institutionalize processes and practices.  BESt is comprised of problem-solving and process-improvement tools, as well as best-in-class business practices that help drive process improvements and continuous learning.  Performance-criteria are based on the MBNQA business-excellence model.

Quality Management System

Cyient’s quality management system, Cyient PAL, is based on decades of experience and best practices in engineering and emerging technologies.  Cyient PAL is fully digitized with features that enable traceability, version control, automatic communication, and easy search, as well as tools for internal quality audits and process-quality checks across the globe. The Cyient PAL digital portal has policies, procedures, templates, checklists, and guidelines that enable our associates to benchmark processes across industry sectors. 

Quality Certifications

We have earned the following international quality models and certifications.

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