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Semiconductor Solutions that Power the ASICS of Tomorrow

Semiconductor Solutions that Power the ASICS of Tomorrow

Mounting challenges to create the super chip

Digital Transformation through personalization, intelligence, and automation is creating a mounting demand for cutting-edge chipsets. The challenge we face with designing solutions for technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, and mobility is that the semiconductor industry has yet to emerge from a supply chain crisis and is also confronted with a global talent shortage.


Managing Cost and Scale

Time to Market

Talent Supply


High-performance feature-rich custom ASICs, designed in-house to drive differentiation

Managing Cost and Scale

Innovation for cost efficiency and affordability for scale

Time to Market

Gain a first-to-market advantage and seize the connected devices opportunity

Talent Supply

Access to a ready and reliable talent pool


Cyient has been at the forefront of solving our customer’s challenges and providing end-to-end innovative ASIC solutions with cutting-edge technology for long-term success.


Consulting solutions focusing on selective semiconductor services, staff augmentations, off-shore developments, and center of excellence.


Solutions for full IC development and porting for semiconductor companies.


Turnkey ASIC focusing on custom and full turnkey ASIC development and supply for non-semiconductor companies in the areas of Automotive, Medical, Industrial.


Test and Production focusing on Industrialization (test, package, qual) and supply chain management. Supplying multi-million parts per year.

Impact your industry value chain

Power Management for Cochlear Implants


Medical Imaging, Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring, Personal health and wellness monitor

Power Management for Cochlear implants

Developed an efficient 24V power management system that generates all internal low and high voltage supplies required for nerve stimulation.

RTL to GDSII - end-to-end integration for a Tier1 WLAN Chipset Maker

Semiconductor companies

Full range of analog, digital, and mixed-signal ASIC, and system-on-chip (SoC) design services. strong partnerships in the ecosystem of design tools, EDA tools, and strategic partnership with foundries to accelerate time-to-market.

RTL to GDSII, end-to-end integration for a Tier1 WLAN Chipset Maker.

A low-cost 802.11n WIFI SoC as an alternate to prevalent WLAN chip with assured backward pin-compatibility.

Designing Innovative Chips for Complex Automotive Applications


Convert applications into miniature ASICs, EMI/EMC, full characterization, and production testing. Automotive quality options compliant with TS16949, 15-year record retention, PPAP, APQP, AEC-Q100, and 8D problem solving.

Engineering the Driving Experiences of Tomorrow

Designing innovative chips for complex automotive applications

RF CMOS ISM Transmitter


Lighting,Building automation and HVAC. Factory automation & control. Automated Test Eqipment, Electronics PoS, Power and Energy supplies, motor drives

RF CMOS ISM Transmitter

An ISM transmitter that canoperate for months or even years using a single cell battery for any remote wireless sensor device.

Smart semiconductor solutions for
a connected and better future

IC Consulting

20+ years of hands-on expertise in silicon design (chip design), development, industrialization, manufacturing and supply chain management

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IC Development

End to end in-house IC development from definition and validation to physical layout, and embedded system design including prototypes

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ASIC Turnkey

Innovation on Chip with full turnkey Analog, RF and mixed-signal ASIC solutions to system OEMs and Fabless semiconductor companies, for all production volumes.

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IC Test & Production

Exclusively ICs manufactured and , tailored towards your custom specifications. Take control over the complete ASIC production and supply flow.

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Sharpen your competitive edge with Cyient

We are the only Global technology solutions company that can provide both Semiconductor Services and Solutions

Technology innovation to give you a head start

Analog Mixed Signal


600+ re-usable IP blocks across to accelerate time to market for advanced ASICs with capabilities like wireless, wireline, embedded power management, high voltage and sensor data acquisition. All our IP blocks are well documented in wikis and archived in project databases.

Wireless | Wireline | Embedded Power Management | High Voltage | Sensor & MEMS Data Acquisition

Architecting advanced ASICs and combining this horizontal know how in one single ASIC

Digital Front End And Backend


20+ years of experience with state-of-the-art embedded digital design. Our end-to-end capabilities cover everything from RTL Design and Digital Verification to Physical Design, DFT, and Firmware.

RTL Design | Digital Verification | Physical Design | DFT | Firmware.

Embedded digital: RTL design, Verification, Synthesis, Physical design, ATPG, Firmware

Validation, ATE and Supply Chain Management


State of the Art Infrastructure for PCB design, validation, production test development, supply chain management and continuous improvement. We leverage high quality partners like TSM, Globafoundries, XFAB, RoodMicrotech, Hua Tian and Aptasic.

PCB design | Validation | Production test development | Supply chain management | Continous improvement

High quality partners: TSMC, GlobaFoundries, XFAB, RoodMicrotech, Hua Tian, Aptasic

Test Development and Prototyping


End to End test development including prototyping, advanced test kits, and program development. Explore our range with NI STS Tester, Advantest, Semi-automatic tape &reel, handler, semi-automatic bonder, PCB pick & place and MSL3 baking

NI STS tester | Advantest V9300k 1600 | Semi-automatic tape & reel | Handler | Laser marking Semi-automatic bonder | PCB pick & place, oven | MSL3 baking

Success stories

Wireless personal alarm and nurse call system

AnSem developed an ASIC that integrates a 40kHz UltraSonic receiver for room detection together with an RFID transceiver for room access and wandering prevention. An integrated 640 kHz PLL serves as a clock for the companion RF chip. The ASIC communicates through an SPI interface with this RF Link.


Aircraft vision system Analog Front End

ECSI came to AnSem for the design of an AFE that met the Xi-Channel® system requirements. A two die solution was devised with the PA and line interface designed in high voltage 0.18µm BCD CMOS and the remaining circuitry in 0.18µm CMOS to take advantage of the higher frequency transistors and lower power of this technology.


10 bit 100MSps pipeline ADC for video and SDR

The customer's ASIC was based on the standard TSMC 0.13µm CMOS. AnSem was asked to design the dedicated pipelined 10bit @ 100MSps ADC core because we had consistently exceeded the customer's expectations in previous projects. To optimize area and power AnSem used a 1.2V power supply and carefully scaled the different pipeline stages.


High Voltage MEMS array

AnSem designed an ASIC containing all the supporting circuitry for the MEMS. On this ASIC, the MEMS array is postprocessed after regular CMOS silicon processing. Each MEMS is programmed by a control voltage with a range between -15V and +15V relative to the silicon substrate.


Ultra low-power RF CMOS ISM transmitter

AnSem developed an ultra low-power RF ISM transmitter in 0.25µm CMOS with an active power consumption of 2.6mW - 10 times lower than any other product available today. The transmitter's low operating voltage - as low as 0.9V - and wide supply voltage range makes it possible to power it from a single alkaline battery.


Energy scavenging ULP transceiver

To meet this market demand, AnSem developed an ultra low-power RF ISM FSK transceiver in 0.25µm CMOS with a operational voltage range 0.9 V to 1.6 V and a power consumption of 2.6mW for transmission / 1.2mW for reception.


400MHz satellite transceiver for tracking wildlife

Argos is a satellite based communication system that can track the route of a fishing vessel, large migrations of birds and other animals, or can monitor environmental sensor data (atmospheric pressure, sea temperature, animal heart rates) from animals or devices equipped with an Argos tag. These tags are lightweight RF radio systems equipped with multiple sensors (e.g. depth, temperature and light) and they will be mounted on wildlife as to register the trail of the migrating animals. This pattern combined with the sensor's logged measurements will allow scientists to investigate what drives the migration of these animals. What makes Argos unique is the ability to locate the animal anywhere on Earth utilizing the Doppler effect.


MEMS driver ASIC for a novel contact lens sensor

AnSem developed an ASIC for Sensimed to mount directly within the contact lens. The ASIC digitizes the MEMS sensor reading and transmits the measurements back to the recorder via the same RF link used to power the device using load modulation techniques.


Software defined WiMax radio

AnSem developed for this customer a radio frequency front-end chip containing zero IF, quadrature RX path including wideband LNA and TX path including wideband PA. The device supports a broad, fully programmable RF frequency range between 700MHz and 4GHz, encompassing all licensed commercial spectrum around the globe. A VCO had to be designed with a wide tuning range of 3GHz to 6GHz while complying with tight phase noise characteristics.


Power management for cochlear implants

AnSem developed for Cochlear a highly efficient 24V power management system that generates all internal low and high voltage supplies required in the cochlear implant to perform the high voltage nerve stimulation.The heart of this system is a single inductor multiple output (SIMO) switched inductor regulator. The implementation combines a compact design, requiring a minimum of external components, with advanced switch mode power supplies, LDOs and safety functions.

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Industry insights

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Engage with industry leaders, influencers, & policy-makers to drive industry-relevant discussions on key themes.


Trade events

We were at the Semicon India 2022 in Bangalore, a first-of-its-kind event by the Government of India where we signed an MOU with IIT Hyderabad and WiSig Networks to enable volume production of India's first architected and designed chip - the Koala NB-IoT SoC.



Verification and Validation of FPGAs In the Aerospace and Defense Industry



Innovation on-chip!
Turnkey Analog, RF, and mixed-signal ASIC solutions
Managing the complete product life cycle, from design requirements to high-volume production.


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