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Technology Led Digital Transformation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Building a future of affordable, accountable healthcare.

In the pharmaceutical sector, where unwavering quality is non-negotiable. Cyient's expertise provides a beacon for transformation amidst the dynamic currents of this industry. Organizations are continuously seeking means for new therapies and streamlined processes. As the demand for innovative medicines soars and competition intensifies, the need for agile and nimble processes becomes even more demanding.

Cyient delivers elevated operational efficiency, heightened quality benchmarks, and amplified productivity across your value chain. Within the sphere of Cyient, our collaboration spans a diverse spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotech titans globally. We empower these industry pioneers, facilitating the swift introduction of groundbreaking drugs to the market while concurrently optimizing resource allocation. Moreover, we adeptly navigate the intricate choreography of managing expansive global supply networks and deftly adapting to the fluid and swiftly evolving regulatory landscape.

Offerings That Accelerate Pharmaceutical Development

Wide range of services that make us the Partner of Choice

  • Drug Delivery Device
  • Pharma Covigilance
  • Real World Evidence

Product Engineering

Innovating product development, blending advanced tech with user-centric design.

Concept Generation

Detailed Design

Verification & Validation

Prototype Development

Product Documentation

Design Transfer

Quality Assurance

Ensuring reliability through rigorous testing, upholding industry standards for consistent device performance.


Corrective action/Preventive action

QMS Development

Product Design Control

Superior Quality Assurance Services

QSR Compliance with 21 CFR 820

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating global regulations, we deliver compliant medical solutions without compromising safety or efficacy.

IVDR & MDR Compliance

Country specific regulatory filings and submissions

Environmental compliance (RoHS, REACH, WEEE)

Risk management services per ISO 14971

Responding to FDA 483 observations, warning letters, and Notified Body audit findings

Post Approval Change Control

Digital Health

Empowering healthcare with secure, user-friendly digital solutions for remote monitoring and personalized care.


Connected Care



Real world evidence

Monitoring and ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products through comprehensive post-market surveillance.

Big Data Analytics

Cloud Solutions


Mobile Application

Pharma covigilance

Leveraging real-world data to provide insights into the effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical interventions in diverse patient populations.

Patient Engagement

Population Health Analytics

Data Science

Our Success Stories


Automation of clinical trial processes and Compliance tasks

Automated clinical trial processes with UiPath bots, addressing challenges by streamlining processes such as patient data entry, trial validation, and regulatory submissions. Resulting in 300K hours saved annually, reduced errors, and enhanced compliance adherence.


Automatic Medication (Oral) Monitoring System

Designed and developed the Automatic Medication Monitoring System, providing a complete solution for oral medication management. With an appealing design and easy operation, the system simplifies dispensing, connects patients and caregivers, and stores multiple profiles for comprehensive care.

Success stories in healthcare

See how Cyient drives transformative impact for the pharmaceutical industry

Wireless personal alarm and nurse call system

AnSem developed an ASIC that integrates a 40kHz UltraSonic receiver for room detection together with an RFID transceiver for room access and wandering prevention. An integrated 640 kHz PLL serves as a clock for the companion RF chip. The ASIC communicates through an SPI interface with this RF Link.

Aircraft vision system Analog Front End

ECSI came to AnSem for the design of an AFE that met the Xi-Channel® system requirements. A two die solution was devised with the PA and line interface designed in high voltage 0.18µm BCD CMOS and the remaining circuitry in 0.18µm CMOS to take advantage of the higher frequency transistors and lower power of this technology.

10 bit 100MSps pipeline ADC for video and SDR

The customer's ASIC was based on the standard TSMC 0.13µm CMOS. AnSem was asked to design the dedicated pipelined 10bit @ 100MSps ADC core because we had consistently exceeded the customer's expectations in previous projects. To optimize area and power AnSem used a 1.2V power supply and carefully scaled the different pipeline stages.

High Voltage MEMS array

AnSem designed an ASIC containing all the supporting circuitry for the MEMS. On this ASIC, the MEMS array is postprocessed after regular CMOS silicon processing. Each MEMS is programmed by a control voltage with a range between -15V and +15V relative to the silicon substrate.

Ultra low-power RF CMOS ISM transmitter

AnSem developed an ultra low-power RF ISM transmitter in 0.25µm CMOS with an active power consumption of 2.6mW - <em>10 times lower than any other product available today. </em>The transmitter's low operating voltage - as low as 0.9V - and wide supply voltage range makes it possible to power it from a single alkaline battery.

Energy scavenging ULP transceiver

To meet this market demand, AnSem developed an ultra low-power RF ISM FSK transceiver in 0.25µm CMOS with a operational voltage range 0.9 V to 1.6 V and a power consumption of 2.6mW for transmission / 1.2mW for reception.

35% completed

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