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Engagement and collaboration between powerful industry voices have always been the foundation for achieving ground-breaking work. And this has become extremely critical in today’s times, where many of us continue to work from home with minimal opportunity to meet in person. Thanks to the power of digital media, we are today empowered to reach and engage with influencers, technologists, futurists, policymakers, and industry leaders and engage in disparate creative ways.

CXO CYIENCE is our signature platform to build powerful, trusted, and progressive conversations on highly relevant topics for today’s disruptive, digital age. Each session is an opportunity to create relevant dialogues with stakeholders, establish more meaningful relationships, share insights and expertise, and inspiring out-of-the-box thinking and viewpoints

Future of Energy

Houston, February 2024

Engagement and collaboration among industry leaders are pivotal in driving innovation. We hosted the CXO Cyience event in Houston, TX, USA where industry pioneers, including renowned NASA astronaut Mike Foreman, converged to explore the Future of Energy! During the event, conversations unfurled on critical topics ranging from complex commercial challenges, collaboration for Net Zero, addressing viability issues in hydrogen and carbon utilization, government intervention through policies, evolving supply chain dynamics, to technological advancement in decarbonization efforts.

Future of Urban Mobility with SkyDrive

Hyderabad, January 2024

At The CXO Cyience held in Hyderabad in January 2024, we delved into the Dynamic Future of Urban Air Mobility. After signing the MoU with SkyDrive, we hosted a productive discussion on the growing interest in #evtol. Tomohiro Fukuzawa san, CEO of SKYDRIVE, Mr. Karthikeyan Natarajan, CEO of Cyient, and Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, the Founder Chairman of Cyient, shared their thoughts on the future of urban air mobility.

Enabling Green Value Chains

Stockholm, October 2023

The event "CXO Cyience: Enabling Net Zero Value Chain," led by Krishna Bodanapu, was held in Stockholm on October 24, 2023. The panel included experts from retail, digital technology, FoodTec, public policy, and low-carbon technology, offering diverse perspectives. Topics covered included innovation in technology and research and boosting investor confidence regarding climate change, leading to interesting outcomes. They emphasized the critical and comprehensive need for this change.

Gen AI in Manufacturing With AWS

Chicago, October 2023

The CXO Cyience event with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Chicago focused on the theme of Gen AI in Manufacturing. The discussion revolved around its approach, the ecosystem needed, case studies, use cases, etc. It also covered how digital ER&D companies are leading the way in leveraging Gen AI for product engineering and manufacturing.

Enabling Net-Zero Value Chain

London, September 2023

The #CXOCYIENCE session held in London discussed the challenge of enabling net-zero value chains. It highlighted that #energytransition can be expensive and less profitable without government subsidies, potentially making some countries non-competitive. Despite challenges such as geo-political considerations and competitiveness, government clarity and policy facilitation are crucial for achieving net-zero commitments. Decarbonizing heat and transportation, specifically through electrification, was highlighted as necessary.

GCC Conclave

Bengaluru, August 2023

The GCC X.0 #CXOCyience in Bangalore, India, was a resounding success, providing a platform for in-depth discussions centered around the role of #GenerativeAI in accelerating the convergence of #engineering and #technology. These conversations were invaluable for uncovering new insights and opportunities.


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