Semiconductor Capabilities to Put You Ahead of the Industry

ASICs solutions for long term success with 25+ years of hands-on expertise in silicon design (chip design), our IC Consulting offering focuses on selective Semiconductor design services, staff augmentations, off-shore developments, and centers of excellence.

Empowering the Digital Revolution at Scale

Cyient specializes in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for Analog, RF, FinFET and mixed-signal Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to system OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), catering to small, medium and high production volumes. Each ASIC is meticulously designed and fabricated exclusively for individual customers, precisely aligned with their unique specifications. Our approach enables you to gain a competitive edge in your market, positioning you as a leader in your industry.

Owing to the unique advantage of having 600+ reusable in-house IPs and TSMC Secure rooms enabling access to bleeding edge technologies including 3nm, our team are best positioned to realize your next cutting edge chip.

Digital Revolution

Embrace the "Innovation On Chip" With Our Full Turnkey Solution

Harness the expertise in Analog, RF, FinFET and mixed-signal ASIC needs for system OEMs and Fabless semiconductor companies, regardless of production volumes. Turnkey ASIC focusing on custom and full turnkey ASIC development and supply for non-semiconductor companies in the areas including, but not limited to, Automotive, Medical and Industrial.

Turnkey Solution

Services to Help Overcome Complex Semiconductor Challenges

Cyient provides comprehensive in-house IC development services, covering everything from concept definition and validation to physical layout and embedded system design, including prototyping.

Complex Semiconductor

Bringing Decades of Expertise to ASICs Solutions

Cyient’s expertise spans across a wide range of capabilities in different ASIC design areas

Wireless Data Transmission

Wireline Data Transmission

Ultra-Low Power

High Voltage

Sensors & MEMS Data Acquisition

Embedded Digital Design

Core Services

Cyient provides complete ASIC development and supply flow, being a true one stop shop for its customers.


System & Concept Design


Definition Phase


Development Phase


Silicon Manufacturing




Prototype characterization




Supply Chain Management

System & Concept Design

  • Development of complete HW & embedded SW system for Proof of Concept
  • FPGA: Arria 5, Cyclone, Igloo Nano
  • MCU: Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, PIC, Freescale Kinetis, Cypress PSoC
  • Python, Matlab or C/C++
  • PCB design, Manufacturing and Assembly

Definition Phase

Cyient's ASIC solutions are specified in close cooperation with its customers, tailoring the specific ASIC requirements to the customer's detailed system needs and giving the customer full control over the final product specification.

Cyient’s partnerships with ASIC foundries, packaging and test suppliers allow it to balance the customer's ASIC requirements with the limitations posed by the technologies used in order to optimize cost, performance and quality for each individual application.

The ASIC definition phase includes:

  • Translation of system needs into ASIC needs in collaboration with the customer
  • Validation of the concept
  • Feasibility study, topology selection and simulation of critical specifications
  • Architecture definition of the ASIC
  • Selection of semiconductor process and package
  • Quality, test and manufacturability aspects
  • Detailed Planning
  • Risk assessment, (D)FMEA
  • Development cost and production price
  • Mutually agreed ASIC specification

Development Phase

Cyient's team of ASIC designers and its large analog IP library of proven IC designs, supplemented by the IP libraries of its design partners, form the basis for a fast and predictable ASIC development trajectory, meeting customer's critical time-to-market requirements.

The ASIC development phase includes:

  • Analog and mixed signal IC design and layout
  • Intensive corner simulations and verifications
  • Custom layout of all analog sections
  • HDL coding of all digital sections, synthesis & P&R
  • Top-level integration, layout and verification
  • Design documentation, user manual
  • DfT (Design for Test) and DfM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Tape Out procedure
  • ASIC Prototype manufacturing
  • Masks preparation
  • Wafer processing
  • Package assembly

Silicon Manufacturing

  • Access to all foundries and technology nodes
  • MPW (Multiple Project Wafer), MLM (Multi-Layer Masks), SLM (Single Layer Mask)
  • TSMC, Global Foundries, X-FAB, On Semiconductor, TowerJazz, AMS, and more


  • QFN, BGA
  • WL-CSP, Flip Chip
  • Bare dies: tested wafers, blue foil, waffle pack
  • Local prototyping for fast turnaround
  • High volume in Far East

Prototype characterization

  • Development of a detailed evaluation plan
  • Design and manufacturing of dedicated test hardware and software
  • Prototype evaluation and characterization over voltage and temperature ranges
  • ATE test correlation
  • Fully equipped measurement lab


Cyient takes responsibility for the industrialization process, whereby the prototype design is made ready for large volume manufacturing, optimizing the design for test (DfT) and manufacturability (DfM), executing the different qualification tests and developing the industrial wafer and final test programs on the selected ATE machine.

The industrialization phase includes:

  • ATE program development & optimization
  • Executed on dedicated lab equipment and/or production ATE testers: Credence D10, Teradyne FLEX, Teradyne UltraFLEX
  • Reliability ESD, Latch Up test and HTOL tests
  • Specific product qualification
  • PPAP (Production part approval Process)
  • Manufacturability assessment & release for volume production
  • Safe Launch
  • Transfer to volume production

Supply Chain Management

Cyient provides full supply chain management, from taking in orders from customers, over managing manufacturing subcontractors and continuous monitoring of product quality, to management of inventory and transportation of final goods to customer's global warehouses.

The supply chain management phase includes:

  • Customer order management
  • Management of subcontractors (Foundry, Packaging & test)
  • Quality management: production cpk monitoring
  • Test cost optimization
  • Yield management: cost optimization
  • Customer Return and Failure Analysis (FA)
  • Management of obsolescence, security of supply, longevity of supply

Harness Our Robust IP Library

Next to a pool of 600+ circuit building blocks, across a variety of technologies, Cyient also has Macro level IP.


  • SONET OC3/OC12
  • PCI-Express 2.5Gbps
  • PON 10Gbps
  • XAUI 3.125Gbps
  • SONET OC3/OC48


  • PLLs for high-speed data networking products
  • Low jitter PLL with ring oscillator 1.25 GHz, 9ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 10 GHz, 1ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 6.25 GHz, 1.5ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 2.5 GHz, 4ps rms


  • LVDS compliant I/O
  • SSTL18
  • SSTL25
  • HSTL
  • LVPECL compliant driver

Power Amplifiers

  • 18dBm@2.4GHz 64QAM
  • 24dBm class E @ 400MHz
  • 70MHz class AB for OFDM


  • 70MHz-230MHz FM RX with VCO @ 460MHz
  • Sub 1GHz ISM band with VCO @ 1.8GHz
  • 3GHz WiMAX transceiver with VCO @ 6GHz
  • 6GHz Broadband transceiver with VCO @ 12GHz



  • 10b 80 MSps, 10b 100MSps
  • 14b 200MSps
  • 12b 160MSPs


  • 8b 2GSps flash

Low Power cyclic RSD

  • 12b/14b/16b for 80kSps


  • 12b 2MSps
  • 10b 20MSps


Current steering

  • 12b 400MSps in 0.13μm
  • 14b 160Msps in 0.13μm
  • 10b 100Msps in 0.13μm
  • 6b 2Gsps in 65nm

Delta sigma

  • 10b 40Ksps in 0.35μm HV

Charge redistribution

  • 12b 2 MSps in 0.18μm

Tap Into the Potential of a Global Presence

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Enschede, Netherland
Duisburg, Germany
Leuven, Belgium

Use Cases in Action

use-case-in-action (3)-1

400MHz satellite transceiver for tracking wildlife

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

use-case-in-action (1)-1

Ultra low-power RF CMOS ISM transmitter

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

use-case-in-action (2)-1

Wireless personal alarm and nurse call system

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

Partnerships that Define the Industry

Cyient partners with leading global semiconductor companies, who are the forerunners and torchbearers of the semiconductor technology. With these partnerships, Cyient is able to offer the best in class service required for your next cutting edge ASIC.

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