5G is set to forever transform the way we interact, collaborate, and use mobile applications. It will usher in the era of connected devices, smart cities, self-driving cars, and a host of IoT applications. However, the success of 5G lies in its network design given that physical obstructions degrade 5G signals and that it requires more infrastructure than existing networks. Geospatial technology enables selective, strategic planning for 5G and its continuous validation for seamless coverage.

Cyient’s 5G planning and design solution combines our experience in network engineering services for telecom companies with our proven geospatial expertise. The solution leverages advanced technologies to process geospatial data, provide insights at each step for efficient design and accelerate the rollout of high-performance 5G networks. Here’s how we can expedite your 5G deployment.

Build 3D maps

Build 3D maps that enable understanding of the terrain and existing infrastructure to model signal propagation.

accurate location

Get accurate location of obstructions and monitor changes that occur in growing urban environments.


Utilize our integrated suite of geospatial data services that address the unique needs of high-capacity, wireless 5G networks.


3D Simulation Engine

Get a 360-degree view of real-time scenarios that help at each step for efficient design, and accelerated the rollout of a high-performance 5G network.


Pole Inventory Management

Ensure faster turnaround time for capacity upgrades and network enhancements with easy access to information of poles and assets on them.


Geospatial Insights

Plan effective 5G coverage by understanding terrain and existing infrastructure for selective, strategic planning and continuous validation.


Visualization Tools

Reduce the number of site visits by remotely accessing environmental and infrastructure changes in growing urban developments.

3D Simulation Engine

Pole Inventory Management

Geospatial Insights

Visualization Tools

Learn how we enable seamless transition with our 5G network solutions.

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