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Advanced Engineering Solutions Designed to Reduce Cost and Enhance Operations for A&D OEMs

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Aerospace and Defense (A&D) OEMs are under constant pressure to innovate, adapt, and overcome industry challenges. The need to reduce component size, weight, cost, and time-to-market without compromising safety and security is a significant challenge for suppliers. These critical requirements, combined with the increased demand for digital transformation and expanding customer expectations, have placed immense pressure on suppliers to optimize business operations and processes.

Cyient takes pride in partnering with the world’s leading A&D companies to deliver value-driven and outcome-based engineering solutions. We undertake design and system-level ownership of complex components, sub-systems, and modules to allow our customers to sustain a competitive advantage.

Lower your Engineering Costs

Cyient helps OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers reduce NRE/RE costs and develop cutting-edge A&D products that meet stringent quality and safety standards.

Reduce your Time-to-Market

Our integrated product development approach combines advanced tools and techniques to get products to market faster.

Engage in Risk-Reward Partnerships

Cyient is a risk-reward sharing partner, taking solution ownership across the A&D value chain so customers can focus on innovation.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the A&D Industry and its Recovery and Regrowth

The impact of the global coronavirus epidemic is evolving by the minute. It is virtually impossible to look anywhere and not see a sign of the pandemic. The global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has seen clear and immediate consequences. The A&D industry was inevitably headed for a reset soon, and COVID-19 could very well have accelerated that shift.

Your Trusted Partner Across the A&D Product Life Cycle


Design Led Manufacturing


Aero Structures

Aero Interiors




System Engineering
Tool Qualification
RF Microwave Modules
Testing and Qualification
Technical Publications
Automated Testing Equipment
Model-Based Design Engineering
Electronics Manufacturing
Precision Tooling
Mechanical Manufacturing
CNC Machining
PCB Design & Assembly
Metrology Labs
Cable/Wire Harnessing
Obsolescence Management
Parts Manufacturing
Thermal Management Systems
Design and Drafting
Software and IT
Engine Testing
Technical Publications
CAD Data Conversion
Composite Structures
Structure Design and Analysis
Metallic Structures
Reverse Engineering
Cargo Control Units
FAA-PMA Regulations
Fuselage Design
Mechanical Design and Analysis
Electrical Schematics and Harness Routing
Production Drawings
FE Analysis and Stress Justification Dossiers
Tubing Design and Routing
DER Compliance Reporting
IFE and Connectivity
CCA/PCB Design
Precision Machining
Mechanical Engineering
Military APU Tooling
Defense Manufacturing
Military Repair Engineering
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Data Management
Shop Event Forecasting
Inventory Optimization
Repair Engineering
Fleet Management Program Support
Product Documentation
Technical Publications
Asset Health Monitoring
MRO Engineering
Engineering Quality Notification Resolution
Overhaul Work Scope Optimization
Machine Learning
AR/VR-Based Maintenance and Training
Advanced Analytics
Supply Chain Management
Artificial Intelligence
Predictive Maintenance Solutions

The Cyient Advantage

Optimize Workforce Productivity and Efficiency

Achieve Digital Transformation and Agile Operations

Maximize Offset Obligations with "Make in India"

Leverage Our Experience across the Aerospace Life Cycle

Optimize Workforce Productivity and Efficiency
We improve production rates and reduce time-to-market by leveraging proven processes that have been used successfully on industry-leading A&D programs.
Achieve Digital Transformation and Agile Operations
We combine domain knowledge, data science, and digital technologies to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. Our advanced analytics capabilities provide reliable, actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.
Maximize Offset Obligations with "Make in India"
We are a preferred partner for OEMs seeking to leverage the potential of “Make in India” initiative. We help maximize offset obligations by collaborating and co-developing with engineering and manufacturing firms that facilitate “Buy Indian -IDDM.”
Leverage Our Experience across the Aerospace Life Cycle
With more than two decades of experience as risk-reward sharing partner, Cyient offers integrated design, build, and maintain solutions for end-to-end aerospace life cycle management needs.

How We Partner

With our rich experience and domain expertise, Cyient helps A&D OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers transform their product life cycle. Our engineering solutions adhere to rigorous compliance systems that meet the wide spectrum of security parameters, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and nation-specific restrictions. We also have Design Approval from the Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), a laboratory of the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the following scope: “Design, Development of Aero Structures, Aero Interiors, Aero Engines Parts and Systems, Aero Systems, and Avionics for Military Airborne Applications.”

How We partner- Design


System and product design expertise combined with proven engineering processes to streamline development.

How We partner- Build


Electronic and mechanical manufacturing capabilities coupled with additive manufacturing techniques.

How We Partner- Maintain


Digital solutions leveraging advanced analytics to provide value engineering for aftermarket and MRO.

Aerospace Technology Trends

Autonomous Flights

Advanced aviation technologies including collision avoidance systems, enhanced situational awareness with analytics, Autonomous Taxi, Take-off and Landing (ATTOL) capabilities, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) deck finder, fixed corridor navigation, and Extended Minimum Crew Operations for safer, more efficient flights.

Health Management

Integrating Aircraft Health Management with Remaining Useful Life (RUL) forecast and condition-based maintenance (CBM) ensures optimal performance. Self-adaptive control and optimization, fused with smart sensors, AI/ML, and Next Gen communication, elevate safety and efficiency in aviation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence drives aviation innovation with applications like Co-Pilot assistance, route optimization, asset utilization, fuel efficiency enhancements, and decision-making support in autonomous flight operations. Transforming safety and efficiency in the skies.


Embracing sustainability in aviation through diverse propulsion options like Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Electric propulsion, Hybrid, and Hydrogen technologies. Complemented by eco-friendly cabin interiors, promoting recyclability, green practices, and circularity compliance for a greener future in flight.

Connectivity5G & Security

Revolutionizing aviation connectivity and security with interoperable communication systems, leveraging 5G, LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, IP, Neo/Leo Satellite Comm., and Fiber Optics. Transforming A2G communication, passenger experience, safety, maintenance, and security standards for unparalleled advancements.

Passenger Experience

Enhancing the passenger experience with seamless intermodal and end-to-end solutions, including baggage handling. Introducing line-free security clearance and smart, proactive personalization for entertainment, culinary experiences, health, hygiene, and noise management, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey.


Advancements in Mobility encompass Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) technologies, creating new paradigms in transportation with efficient, sustainable aerial solutions for urban environments.

Advance Structure

Advanced structures, featuring blended wing designs and cutting-edge composite materials with smart properties, lead to increased range, reduced noise levels, and enhanced fire retardancy in aircraft construction, ensuring safer and more efficient flights.

Awards and Recognitions


JURY AWARD  in the Innovation in Aviation category at the 14th Aegis Graham Bell Award(2024)


TOP 2 in ARC Advisory Report for Aerospace & Defence Industry

Zinnov 2023

LEADERS IN AEROSPACE, in Zinnov Zones 2023
Notable Player Recognition for our innovation, value contribution and substantial progress in AEROSPACE in Zinnov Zones 2023


NASSCOM Spotlight Award in Green Product Innovation category on ‘Designing & Engineering the World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Aircraft Engine’ (2023)


Product Challenger for Mobility as Service(MaaS), Electric Mobility Systems(EMS) & Manufacturing in  ISG Provider Lens for eMobility Services and Solutions 2024
Product Challenger for Design, Digital Factory, Supply Chain, and Aftermarkets in  all Categories in ISG Provider Lens for Manufacturing 2023

everest group

Major Contender for  Digital Twins in Everest PEAK Matrix 2023​
Major Contender in ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared) in Everest PEAK Matrix 2023 ​
Ranked 31st among the Top 50 Engineering Services Providers by Everest in 2023​

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