The impact of natural disasters on utility infrastructure can cause severe disruption to the continuity of energy supply. Due to significant constraints within their core IT systems, many utilities find themselves ill-prepared to deal with disruptions caused by natural disasters. As a result, losses from calamities or natural disasters continue to increase substantially.

Cyient’s Disaster Operations Management (DOME) solution helps utilities better manage disaster-related risks. We have leveraged our strong engineering and industry domain expertise to provide both geospatial and location-based services as part of this technology-agnostic solution. DOME enables early risk assessment and impact visualization to help utilities develop an effective disaster response plan.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Profitability with DOME

When disaster strikes, DOME facilitates live evaluation with public feedback and allows utilities to make smarter decisions around resources and costs. The cloud-based solution offers easy integration and leverages machine learning and big data analytics to improve forecasting and response planning.


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Increase asset availability
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Improve risk

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Improve safety and coordination

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recovery time

The Cyient Advantage

We provide solutions for the utility industry that deliver powerful insights across critical business areas, increasing safety and productivity, and reducing costs and environmental impact. We do this by harnessing the power of data analytics, IoT, and asset health monitoring services.

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