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Effective cell tower monitoring is fundamental to proper maintenance, tracking energy consumption, and meeting stringent SLAs. However, increasing complexity of expanding networks, rising operational costs, and security issues add to the challenges of monitoring cell sites remotely. 

Cyient’s IoT-enabled end-to-end telecom tower management solution, Tower Operations Center (TOC), is the answer to these challenges. It provides 24/7 surveillance and remotely monitors all passive assets in cell towers, across multiple locations. The TOC’s solution architecture allows seamless communication between sensors and an integrated, cloud-based analytics engine, to extract and analyze asset data for actionable insights. This reduces OPEX, increases tower uptime, ensures efficient energy consumption, and results in better power management.

Benefits Delivered by Our Tower Operations Center Solution


Reduced OPEX

Enabled a leading telco to reduce OPEX by 40% with lower energy consumption.


Enhanced Tower Uptime

Enhanced tower uptime by up to 97% for a global telecom operator.


Improved Network Efficiency

Utilize actionable insights to improve network efficiency.


Continuity of Services

Resolve issues in real time to ensure continuity of services.

Reduced OPEX

Enhanced Tower Uptime

Improved Network Efficiency

Continuity of Services

How can you leverage IoT to streamline the management of passive network elements in tower operations?

Monitoring mobile tower operations and active networks through automated systems offers network operators visibility into tower performance and can transform the way they operate. IoT-led tower operations decongest the entire flow of information of passive network elements and route it directly to tower management companies, thereby significantly reducing the Network Operations Center (NOC) workload. 

Tower Operations Center Key Features

  • Environmental
  • Power
  • Surveillance
    and Intrusion
  • Device
    Control and

  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Flood Level
  • Snow Level

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Smoke/Fire Alarms
  • Gas Leakage

  • AC Meter
  • DC Meter

  • Diesel Generator
  • Battery Management/Monitoring

  • Real-Time Active/Passive Asset Tracking and Monitoring
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector

  • Camera Surveillance—Snapshot/CCTV

  • Bluetooth-/Wi-Fi-Operated Smart Locks

  • Air Conditioner
  • Diesel Generator (Switch On/Off)

  • Hooter Control Based on Alarm Alerts
  • Antenna Tilt/Monitoring

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