Our Approach




Connect asset data from field users to operational systems and regulatory reports



Correct errors automatically at source to improve accuracy and reduce rework



Confirm accurate asset records that comply with regulations


How Do You Ensure a Seamless Flow of Accurate and Latest Data from the Field to Your Regulatory Reports?

By partnering with Cyient to develop a well-defined and flexible mobile solution that streamlines your data collection process. With CHIME’s user-centric app, the solution is quick to deploy and integrate with a low total cost of ownership.

By placing utility users at the center of our solution design and leveraging our 25+ years of experience in the utility space, we ensure a quicker uptake within operational teams giving us an edge over an IT-focused approach.

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Key Benefits



Data Reliability & Integrity

Leave legacy data collection methods behind. Collect the most accurate data from the field and establish a connected workforce.

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Integrated Data & Systems

Get access to operational and reporting data in the most cost-effective, easy to use way and increase overall productivity.


Streamlined Data Lifecycle

Deploy a configurable service that can accommodate new business needs across the life cycle of your assets.

Improve How You Report Data Today

Are you looking to improve your data life cycle and mitigate the risk of large regulatory penalties?
We can help.

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