Production Machinery

Cutting-edge industry trends, including IoT, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, automation and augmented reality, are shaping the long-term direction of the equipment manufacturing industry. In order to manufacture highly productive and ecologically efficient machines while reducing costs and time-to-market, production machinery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must embrace digital innovation. Cyient provides leading-edge product and application engineering solutions for production machinery companies in metal packaging, food and beverage, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Cyient Solution: Leveraging Innovative Production Machinery Engineering Solutions to Enhance Equipment Productivity and Efficiency

Backed by global experience and domain expertise, our production machinery engineering solutions enable you to optimize the output of your machines, reducing life-cycle maintenance costs. In addition, we help you meet annual cost reduction targets by leveraging our proven approach to reusing parts and rationalizing components.

Our production machinery design and development experience includes packaging and processing, including tools and special purpose machinery. We provide structural, hydraulics/pneumatics, electrical, electronics/control, manufacturing engineering and knowledge-based engineering services. Our team offers deep knowledge in standards and regulations, such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration, CEN, CMI, and BSI.

Delivering Outcomes

Cyient’s production machinery engineering solutions increase manufacturing efficiency, from concept and design to development. Utilizing innovative technologies, we add value throughout the product development life cycle. We have delivered the following outcomes for our clients:

  • Conceptualized, designed, and developed the first vertical beverage can body-making machine, resulting in a 25% higher can throughput and a 17% footprint reduction
  • Designed an ultra-filter bundle and ultra-vane separator for a pressure vessel per code ASME SEC VIII DIV. Optimized the assembly cycle time by creating modular assemblies and kits for a cardboard carton making machine. The assembly cycle time to build the machine was reduced by 20%.
  • Helped to develop and launch a can body maker with minimum coolant requirements, honoring requested design changes and localization for the American market
  • Modified the design of a bed-and-drive box into an integrated casting by performing kinematic analysis and design for casting; completed a should-cost analysis and validated the costs, enabling savings of $5,900 USD per machine
  • Standardized and rationalized parts and subassemblies of a food-processing machine, which resulted in a reduction of 20% of the parts

Production Machinery Experience