GeoAI in Pipeline Monitoring and Management
The Symphony of Automation: RPA and GenAI across Industries
Building an Efficient Face Recognition System
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach
Unlocking Sustainability with Circularity
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Unlocking Sustainability with Circularity
Unlocking Sustainability with Circularity Cyient
Unlocking Sustainability with Circularity
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach Cyient
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach
Building an Efficient Face Recognition System
Building an Efficient Face Recognition System Cyient
Building an Efficient Face Recognition System
The Symphony of Automation: RPA and GenAI across Industries
The Symphony of Automation: RPA and GenAI across Industries Cyient
The Symphony of Automation: RPA and GenAI across Industries
GeoAI in Pipeline Monitoring and Management
GeoAI in Pipeline Monitoring and Management Cyient
GeoAI in Pipeline Monitoring and Management
22 Jan 2024

Why Network Security Is a Must

Network security is a critical aspect of information technology that e...

12 May 2023

The sky and earth link: What satellite technology is enabling for the mining industry

For those unfamiliar with the term Heritage Monitoring, it refers to t...

01 Nov 2021

Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF): Bridging the Digital Divide across America

COVID-19 has put greater emphasis than ever before on the importance o...

26 Apr 2021

CyiOPS: How to Improve Communication Around Network Outages, while Reducing Internal Costs

There is a growing need for Network Operators to rethink how they sche...

17 Mar 2021

Top Ten Digital Technology Trends for 2021

At the start of 2020, nobody could have predicted that a pandemic woul...

28 Jan 2021

Preparing Communications Networks for Upcoming Technologies and New- Age Use Cases

If the COVID-19 pandemic has an upside, it is this: it has helped demo...

01 Oct 2020

The 5G Breakthrough: How it will Change the World and Drive Business Growth

From connected cars and remote surgery to automated factory floors, th...

03 Aug 2020

The COVID-19 Disruption: Implications for 5G

The coronavirus pandemic has already impacted more than 20 million peo...

09 Apr 2020

Keeping Networks Up and Running During a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 impact is felt across the world, ensuring capacity and...

03 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 Upheaval and How it will Shape the Telecom Sector

06 Dec 2019

Strategic Sourcing Goes a Long Way in Driving Revenues for CSPs

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises, across the gl...

23 Aug 2019

Australian Smart Cities: The New Future and Reality

The number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) is exp...

21 Aug 2019

Laying the Foundations for the Future of Networking through SDN

In today's world, connectivity is everywhere. With the rapid expansion...

16 Aug 2019

Are You Taking the Right Approach to Your SD-WAN Transition?

Consider this scenario: you are a new-age Communications Service Provi...

03 Jan 2019

The Rise of Next-Gen Communications in Rail Networks

Digital transformation is upending rail communications. Here’s how pro...

31 May 2018

Gearing Up for the Challenge: Deploying Superior and Cost-Effective Technology for Faster Broadband Service across EU

Telecom service providers in Europe are under increasing pressure from...

09 Apr 2018

The Danger of Disruption: Why Telecoms Must Embrace Digital Transformation

Despite the imperative to digitally transform, telecoms are struggling...

26 Mar 2018

Be Proactive, Not Reactive: Why Strategic Partnerships in Telecoms Matter

Industries across the board are experiencing a paradigm shift in their...

16 Mar 2018

Increasing Operator Margins with an Innovative Communication Tower Infrastructure Business Model

Communication tower infrastructure used to be a drain on CAPEX, but sm...

02 Mar 2018

Why Telecoms Need to Make 5G Wireless Technology a Priority in 2018

With the first standard for 5G wireless technology approved by the 3GP...

15 Feb 2018

What is Software Defined Networks?

The communications sector is synonymous with innovation and customer e...

09 Feb 2018

Innovate or Perish: 5 Tech Innovations Telecoms should Invest in During 2018

It is becoming easier than ever to bring your business to the forefron...

09 Feb 2018

2017 in Review: Six Telecom Industry Trends that Defined the Market in 2017

The telecom industry saw significant milestones being achieved in 2017...

02 Feb 2018

5 Next-Gen Technology Trends of 2018 Service Providers Need to Know

Next-gen technology is already embedding itself into our lives. From 5...

19 Jan 2018

Six Telecom Trends for Operators to Watch Out for in 2018

For the past few years, the telecom industry has been fighting market ...

22 Dec 2017

The Game Changer! Technology Reinvents the Sporting Experience

Building the Smart Cities of tomorrow is no small feat. The telecoms n...

07 Dec 2017

How AI Technology is Reshaping the Telecom Customer Experience

Many businesses are unable to run well without a dependable, high-qual...

01 Dec 2017

Smart Cities Are Here! Where Are the Networks?

The meteoric growth of digitalization has readied us for smart cities,...

30 Nov 2017

Why Cable Operators Must Have SD-WAN in Their Business Service Offering

Many businesses are unable to run well without a dependable, high-qual...

23 Nov 2017

How Telecoms can Welcome 5G Technology Sooner with NFV

In order for telecom providers to start savings costs as they prepare ...

30 Oct 2017

M2M Communications the Next Big Investment for Telecoms

Machine-to-machine (M2M) simply refers to the communication between de...

23 Oct 2017

Telecoms to Prepare for 5G Technology Takeover

The public is ready for superfast, highly reliable 5G networks, but th...

09 Oct 2017

Top Reasons for Partnering with a Specialist Vendor for Your Next Telecom Rollout

In the world of telecommunications, rolling out, maintaining, and upgr...

02 Oct 2017

Software Defined Networking Best Practices: Why You Need It and How to Deploy It

When it comes to telecom infrastructure, having an efficient and adapt...

25 Sep 2017

The Outsourcing Evolution Story: What it Means for Telecoms

Outsourcing no longer references an operational method businesses use ...

18 Sep 2017

How ITOA Can Enhance Your IT Operations

In the dynamic business landscape today, technology is the foundation ...

11 Sep 2017

Telecoms and Government Must Up the Anté to Support Infra Growth

Today's audiences want networks that facilitate superfast Internet spe...

04 Sep 2017

U.S. Telecoms Poised to Take M&A Activity to a New Level

The telecommunications industry has conventionally focused on organic ...

28 Aug 2017

Smart Cities: Rapidly Becoming a Reality

Cities around the world are increasingly relying on information and co...

21 Aug 2017

How Can Big Data Reboot the Telecom Industry?

In today’s data-driven world, communications service providers (CSPs) ...

19 Jul 2017

Unlock the Real Value of Data to Generate Actionable Insights

The meteoric growth of big data and advanced analytics is forcing orga...

26 May 2017

Are You Taking the Right Approach to Transition to SD-WAN?

Consider this scenario-you are a new-age Communications Service Provid...

31 Mar 2017

Creating synergy between industries and universities

For most university graduates there is one thing on their mind, and th...

24 Mar 2017

Bluetooth -A Smart Communication Protocol for the Internet of Things

Picture this. You are sitting in your garden, but you are able to draw...

23 Feb 2017

Adopt a Unified Approach to Enhance Your Cable Network Performance- Optimize Network Infrastructure and Reduce Costs

The cable industry is growing at a rapid clip across various segments,...

17 Feb 2017

The State of the American Communications Industry

With more than 250 million mobile users and growing, the American tele...

16 Feb 2017

Why a Plan-Build-Operate Model Is Crucial to Reaching Your Infrastructure Goals

For decades, IT infrastructures have been organised into multi-layered...

16 Feb 2017

Swisscom: Preparing for the New Europe

The European telecoms market is suffering from depleting revenue strea...

05 Jan 2017

The Connect America Fund: Meeting America's Broadband Needs

Network upgrades to expand high-speed Internet to hard-to-reach rural ...

24 Dec 2016

Connectivity, Collaboration, Consolidation: What's in Store for Telecoms in 2017?'

It's been a hectic year for the global telecom industry. Unexpected po...

21 Dec 2016

Supporting the next generation seeking an 'energy breakthrough'

For a global company like Cyient, it's easy to be drawn into the macro...

07 Dec 2016

Smart cities can help enhance lifestyles; but are we ready with the infrastructure?

The digital world has helped us accept the concept of smart cities, an...

05 Dec 2016

How can CSPs transform the Mobile Backhaul Networks to include business efficiency?

The communications sector is synonymous with innovation and customer e...

30 Nov 2016

The young and interconnected market of Africa: Challenges, threats, and opportunities

If you're wondering why Africa has been a constant topic of conversati...

30 Nov 2016

Transformers: How telecoms are moving into service assurance

Traditional legacy systems have created challenges for today's telecom...

30 Nov 2016

When everything is media: The mega-revenue drivers for telecom companies in the smart era

While the current environment may seem bleak for telecom operators, op...

30 Nov 2016

Three steps for preparing a successful IoT strategy

Behind all the buzzwords and wearables, many people fail to realize th...

13 Apr 2016

Net-Neutrality: Can we find a Balance to save it?

We have a few days to go before Telecom Regulators in India are planni...

09 Apr 2016

“Smart Cities” - Noise or Reality?

The word “Smart City” is one of the most frequently used terms that we...

16 Jan 2016

Delivering next-gen communication services

Cyient Senior Principal Consultant Harish Lalapeth examines the challe...

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