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Written by Rohit Kumar
on 06 Dec 2019

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises, across the globe, are fast realizing that established methodologies to deploy and manage networks are inadequate to meet the demands of the new-age customer.  

This “awakening” is driven by several factors, including the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, which demand an extremely agile, flexible, and programmable network. The upcoming 5G technology is also driving the convergence of fixed and wireless networks, which is leading to an emergence of multipurpose network core and backhaul technologies. 

Besides, CSPs are looking to evolve into Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to be better positioned to address customer demands. Further, CSPs are under pressure to bring down the cost of network management while enhancing efficiency.

These changing business dynamics imply a strong need to rethink conventional network deployment and management strategies. 

Outsourcing Network Management 

Redesigning network architecture also implies that there is an increased demand to outsource network management processes to specialists who can enable CSPs and enterprises to align the network performance with their business objectives. 

Instead of outsourcing to multiple vendors, experts recommend outsourcing to a single, large partner for better management of the network and also of smaller vendors. Long-term contracts to such a partner will also help in enhancing the cost-efficiency of network management. 

Outsourcing also helps the CSPs in managing rapid technology changes which usually require investment in design, engineering, management, and transformation of the networks. Strategic outsourcing can go a long way in enabling CSPs to leverage the latest technologies and maintain a competitive edge. 

Typically, such a partner comes with years of experience in managing the entire chain from network concept to manufacturing, planning, engineering, and management to meet this demand. Established in 1991, Cyient comes with proven expertise in product design, network planning and design, installation and integration, optimization, and maintenance and operations. Globally recognized as a leading outsourcing partner for CSPs, connecting 40% of the world’s businesses and users, our industry-certified consultants support the service providers in implementing best practices. Cyient offers fully integrated plan/build/operate/transform outsourcing arrangements for CSPs with a range of turnkey solutions to help them provide the best-in-class network experience to their subscribers.

Cyient recently featured in Ovum’s report, On the Radar: Cyient delivers concept to solution for network operators, which talks about our growing relevance as a partner of choice for CSPs. “Cyient is strongly positioned in both the breadth and depth of its offer in comparison to competitors of similar size and stands out in the depth of its expertise in product design, network planning and design, installation and integration, optimization, and maintenance and operations,” says the report.

To learn more about our offerings for the telecommunications industry, please visit our Communications section.

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