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Piyush Tandon

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02 Feb 2018

5 Next-Gen Technology Trends of 2018 Service Providers Need to Know

Next-gen technology is already embedding itself into our lives. From 5...

23 Nov 2017

How Telecoms can Welcome 5G Technology Sooner with NFV

In order for telecom providers to start savings costs as they prepare ...

28 Aug 2017

Smart Cities: Rapidly Becoming a Reality

Cities around the world are increasingly relying on information and co...

16 Feb 2017

Why a Plan-Build-Operate Model Is Crucial to Reaching Your Infrastructure Goals

For decades, IT infrastructures have been organised into multi-layered...

30 Nov 2016

When everything is media: The mega-revenue drivers for telecom companies in the smart era

While the current environment may seem bleak for telecom operators, op...

30 Nov 2016

Three steps for preparing a successful IoT strategy

Behind all the buzzwords and wearables, many people fail to realize th...

09 Apr 2016

“Smart Cities” - Noise or Reality?

The word “Smart City” is one of the most frequently used terms that we...

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