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Piyush Tandon Written by Piyush Tandon, Read the recent blogs posts , press releases and news written by Piyush Tandon
on 30 Nov 2016

Behind all the buzzwords and wearables, many people fail to realize that it's not the devices that will control the future of IoT, but the users.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is undeniably one of the hottest areas in the technology space. The technology, which promises a world of toothbrushes and garage doors being controlled by the internet, is close to reaching peak hype according to technology research firm, Gartner.

There's a lot of speculation around the connectable devices that will flood the market during the next few years. However, one undeniable fact is that there will be a huge change in how communications service providers (CSPs) need to operate to keep up.

The three steps given below can help CSPs to develop a successful IoT strategy and ensure they continue to remain relevant in the marketplace:

1. Look at infrastructure and plan strategically

Keep in mind that many IoT devices won't be using excessive amounts of data, but will intermittently connect to send and receive information. One example of this is the smart meter, a device that records and transmits electricity usage to the distributor, who can then accurately and easily bill the customer. It's relatively easy to understand that this amount of data is drastically smaller than, say, streaming video on the go.

Sending and receiving smaller data packets can be conducted on lower-bandwidth channels than 3G and 4G. As such, there are a number of telecom companies creating lower-power networks that allow IoT devices to run much longer than if 3G/4G was draining their batteries.

Another important factor is cloud technology. The ability to generate a wholly virtual - and scalable - network that supports specific IoT platforms and their multitude of functionalities on a whim is a necessity due to the sheer amount of IoT technologies that are (and will be) rolling out consistently.

2. Be open to new methods

The bigger this area of technology grows, the more adaptable companies must be to ensure they're not left behind. CSPs can't just accept change; they need to embrace change completely if they want to succeed. Companies should plan to modify their business models; both internal and external changes must be made to create new profit streams and service models.

Consolidation of the core network, for example, is a fantastic way to drastically reduce the amount of time in which additional products and services can go to the market to support recently launched IoT platforms/devices.

3. Make security a top priority

Data security is an increasing priority as technology evolves. Consumers may be hesitant to get fully on board with IoT unless they're confident that their personal data is safe, which means dedication to security measures is a necessity.

There is undoubtedly an excess of excitement about IoT, for businesses and consumers alike. For businesses, the possibilities to expand and grow into new areas are numerous. Discover how Cyient can help you take full advantage of IoT today.

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