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Nothing Is Impossible When You Are Designing Tomorrow Together

“Sitting on the ice, overlooking the ocean, there was a sense of achievement of having made it to the Far South, the 7th continent, the last wilderness on Earth—Antarctica!” – Prathyusha Parakala Prathyusha Parakala, a software professional turned radio jockey, had a lifelong dream of going on an Antarctica expedition. While pursuing a two-year fellowship with the NGO “Teach for India,” she found herself attending a talk by polar explorer Robert Swan, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. Inspired by Robert and his 2041 Foundation’s mission to raise awareness about climate change…

By Kshitij Sharma | August 16th, 2018


The Year That Was: Enabling Success and Innovation

It’s with great pride that we present our 26th annual report, which showcases the execution of our strategy in being a Design, Build, Operate and Maintain partner to clients across the globe. Armed with this strategy, we have helped clients succeed across their value chain in a complex, digital, and disruptive world. FY2017 was an exceptional year for Cyient. We saw a double-digit growth in our top and bottom lines. Our revenue grew by 16.3% YoY, and the operating profit and the net profit grew by 15.7% and 10.7%, respectively. We have been surpassing the industry average for several years.…

By Meghna Lal | August 15th, 2017