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Krishna Bodanapu Krishna Bodanapu Written by Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Krishna is responsible for the strategic direction and ensuring long-term value for stakeholders.
on 06 Aug 2020

2020 will go down in history as a year of reckoning. The humanitarian and economic fallout of the pandemic that led to unprecedented upheaval across the world was unheard of in our lifetimes. But it is also in these incredibly disruptive times that we see the true spirit of humanity, of collaboration, and of selfless service emerge. Undoubtedly, 2020 will also be a year to recognize those who empowered humanity, economies, and businesses to stay resilient in the face of the worst global health and economic crisis ever.

And while the crisis is far from over, this is also a time to be cautiously hopeful and unquestionably grateful. For we have resilient people and advanced technologies on our side that can minimize the impact and fight the good fight. At Cyient, we are incredibly proud to support the administration, law enforcement teams, and the medical and healthcare community in their battle against the pandemic. Our drone technology solution, for example, empowered the Telangana State Police in India to implement the lockdown effectively. Our design-led manufacturing facility in Mysore is manufacturing components for diagnostic devices. And our associates are leaving no stone unturned to minimize the impact of COVID-19 led disruption on customers and yet, make the time to undertake many inspiring initiatives for their communities.

As we look at our Q1 FY21 results, let's take a moment to pause, reflect, and thank all who have been part of this journey. Such results, despite the considerable challenges, would not have been possible without the collective contribution of all our stakeholders. And to them, I am grateful.


People, Who Drive the Purpose

Cyient has associates and partners the world over, and these past few months have been a trying time for all. Our initial focus was on ensuring that our associates are safe and have the right tools and mechanisms in place for their safety and well-being. This included providing a work environment of the highest safety standards for those who were required to operate from an office, having the right policies in place to support associates who could be impacted, and the overall ramp-up of IT and infrastructure and operations critical to support teams working from home. These efforts continue even today as people return to work from office. Clearly, this would not have been possible if our teams did not rise to the occasion. And rise they did.

Our IT, human resources, operations, facilities, and business teams worked diligently and collaboratively, and continue to do so, to minimize the impact on associates, customers, and stakeholders. This period also saw several stories emerge of Cyientists going above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill their commitment to customers. When I learned that one of our associates collaborated with a boatman to cross the river to collect his laptop as our teams could not reach his location in the lockdown, it reaffirmed my faith in the unwavering Spirit of Cyient.


Customers, Our Collaborators

This Spirit of Cyient was evident when our customers reiterated their confidence in us through the numerous messages, emails, and videos appreciating the efforts of our teams.  While our global crisis response team enabled a robust business continuity plan for minimal disruption for associates and customers, it was heartening to see our customers validating and appreciating our efforts. The CEO of VolkerWessels Telecom sent a personal video message to all our associates who ensured smooth operations and minimal disruption for VWT.

Our ability to respond, our desire to partner, and our focus on safety, enabled us to greatly enhance our relationship with our stakeholders.

Technology that Enables

The technology and information available to us has made this a safer, more collaborative world. Safer, because today, we have readily available data to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and businesses protected and collaborative because a host of tools at our disposal empower us to stay and work from home for as long as necessary.

Cyient was quick to deploy and leverage the best tools and technologies available to ensure business continuity for our customers when it mattered the most. With India going into a lockdown overnight, agility and speed were paramount. Our business continuity framework, based on the pillars of agile culture, flexible policies, and active associate outreach programs, ensured productivity was at above 90% within a very short time. Our teams worked on war footing to ensure thousands of devices reached people across all our locations, with critical software installed for seamless delivery. We also ramped up rapidly to deploy high-end productivity and collaboration tools so that teams could work together from the safety of their homes. This is not something that would have been possible 10 years ago.

And for the technology that enabled us to make this transition to the new normal quickly and seamlessly, I am grateful.

Communities that Heals

As we get through these times, as individuals or as organizations, the true value of progress and its impact on our future is only realized when development is a collective whole. And when it extends to the communities and societies, we operate in. The Cyient Foundation actively contributed to fighting the pandemic by donating 50,000 masks to the Telangana State Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation and distributing 75,000 face masks to community and schools. We also actively supported the CII's COVID-19 Relief and Rehabilitation initiative by distributing essential grocery kits to those in need. And while this was done at a corporate level, several of our associates contributed in their own ways to mitigate the staggering humanitarian crisis in the wake of the pandemic.

True champions emerge in the face of adversity. From coming together to distribute water bottles and food to Indian migrant workers caught in the crosshairs of the lockdown to rallying to provide refreshments for police personnel on lockdown duty, our associates continue to contribute to the cause wholeheartedly. One of our CoEs also helped with the production of critical medical supplies for frontline workers, setting up a hub to produce both assembled and kitted face shields. And for this amazing spirit that truly reflects Cyient's Values FIRST in every associate, I am grateful.

In Q1 FY21, we also saw significant wins in both new business and existing customers that will help strengthen Cyient's revenue outlook in the coming quarters. Pandemics are unique events posing complex challenges. As our customers recalibrate priorities, Cyient is reimagining how we do business and redesign offerings across the value chain. This is a time to continue moving forward, build enterprise resilience, and become the epitome of the new normal. For what we achieved in these trying times with diligence and gumption, I am grateful. And of the future—unflinchingly hopeful.

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