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Assurance to Customers

In an extraordinary, but decisive step to contain the spread of COVID-19 in India, the Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, imposed a nationwide lockdown for 21 days that began at midnight on March 24. It mirrors the action of governments and nations world over that are urgently seeking to limit the number of positive cases and slow down the spread of the virus.

In light of this unprecedented situation, it is essential to brief you on the measures Cyient is taking to ensure the safety of our people and business continuity for our customers:

  • We are rapidly expanding the base of employees who are enabled to work from home. While the lockdown has caused some slowdown over the past few days, we have responded quickly to the new constraints and expect to enable a significant majority of our associates across India to work from home shortly. Cyient has received remote working permissions from over 90% of its top 65 customers.
  • We have obtained permission from local authorities for critical resources to operate our facilities and maintain IT networks to continue working at all our India locations. We have also received a special permit for a limited number of delivery teams to operate from our offices to ensure continuity of critical work. Cyient is strictly following social distancing norms, hygiene, packed meals at desks, and secure transportation for these associates.
  • As we continue to work with more customers to secure approval for remote working, Cyient has been actively acquiring additional IT assets to increase our preparedness level. These include laptops, desktops, data cards, NUC devices, VPN, and other connectivity devices. We are also enhancing our IT communication infrastructure to support remote connectivity.
  • Cyient is paying particular attention to ensure that the new way of remote working does not impact the functioning of our teams. We have implemented a structure of constant connection and communication with all associates to ensure that work is efficiently organized and productive, while also monitoring their safety and well-being.
  • Cyient has set up a daily monitoring system that tracks and reports the safety of our associates around the world. This is backed by a global helpdesk to which associates can report any incident at work, get guidance on steps to take if they are feeling unwell, and receive general advice and support.
  • To control potential risks, Cyient has enforced mandatory quarantine for associates returning from international travel and those who may have been exposed to positive COVID-19 cases based on recent travel or social history. We are also paying close attention to our more vulnerable team members, including expectant mothers and those with underlying health conditions, ensuring that they avoid commuting to work.
  • Cyient continues to engage daily with Indian federal and state authorities to ensure we are following all rules and regulations in force for employees, operations, and business continuity.

You will also be happy to know that we have received clearance for our manufacturing facility in Mysore to run production lines to support the manufacturing of COVID-19 test kits and diagnostic equipment.

Our business and delivery leadership will be reaching out to you to share specific updates and actions concerning our ongoing engagement. We will ensure that our communication is frequent and transparent.

Cyient will continue to monitor and respond to what will be an evolving situation in the coming days and weeks. What matters most to us is the safety of our employees and our ability to continue supporting customers as we work through one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. I want to assure you that the organization and I are intensely focused on those objectives.

Guidance for Associates

The COVID-19 crisis has been emotionally challenging for all of us; it is changing our day-to-day life in unprecedented ways.

We, at Cyient, understand that business-as-usual is not an option. We are executing plans to support associates in these difficult times while ensuring that we maintain business continuity. As we work to ensure your safety, below are details critical steps we are undertaking as an organization and where we need your support.

What We Are Doing:

  • Enabling Working Remotely
    Our IT business enablement team is working round-the-clock to rapidly expand the base of employees equipped to work from home.
  • On-Site Safety
    We have obtained permissions from local authorities for critical resources who operate our facilities and maintain the IT networks to continue working at all our India locations. We have also procured special permissions for a limited number of delivery teams to operate from our offices to ensure continuity of critical work.
    For such associates, safe and hygienic transport facilities are being provided. Additionally, teams have implemented rotating schedules to reduce the number of people in a single location and to maintain the mandated social distancing.
    To ensure that all our associates are safe and comfortable, we are critical measures:
    • Hygiene Protocols: Trained teams are available to ensure that our premises are disinfected regularly
    • Office Access: Premises are restricted to operational personnel only and are following strict hygiene protocols and constant screening
    • Cafeteria Operations: Free, pre-packed meals are available to be picked up and had at your work stations
  • HR Policies
    The HR team is actively benchmarking their efforts against recommendations by experts to determine the right policies and levels of support for our associates. Flexible work-from-home and temporary time-off for high-risk associates have already been rolled out.

Quite a few of us enjoy the social aspect of work. Being suddenly isolated can result in feelings of loneliness and decreased motivation. We encourage all of you to please engage with your colleagues through positive anecdotes on  MyCyient.

Let’s keep the positivity going.
Stay safe and stay healthy.

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