Utility businesses today are spread across vast geographical locations, and strategies and critical business decisions depend on reliable data collection. However, collecting, sharing and analyzing data across a very large geographical area can be complicated, time-consuming, and daunting. These processes are prone to several inherent human errors, which may result in penalties, regulatory action, or both.To address these inherent limitations in the present system, there is a need for a solution that allows information to be collected across large geographical areas and edited in real-time. It should be able to integrate a group of participants to interact with each other in real-time during the data collection and analysis process.Mobile-based solutions are more effective in handling real-time field data in terms of synchronizing with systems in the control center and building actionable intelligence to manage operations. As a leading solutions provider in the geospatial space, our extensive stack of mobile services and solutions offer connected and seamless field operations. Download the whitepaper to know more.

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