Rotary Wing LiDAR

We have been conducting LiDAR surveys for over 20 years, and our powerful rotary wing LiDAR system provides linear scanning technology, providing intensely detailed returns.

Not only is the system capable of capturing incredibly detailed LiDAR, but it can also capture high-resolution oblique and vertical imagery simultaneously, all in a single flight.

Processing of the data uses the TEPP 7 LiDAR system, providing full waveform results with outstanding detail and accuracy to a sub-centimeter level. This system, combining a high-resolution camera, which is capable of incredibly detailed images provides a complete solution.

Rotary wing LiDAR is ideally suited for mapping of corridors or smaller areas where incredibly high-resolution data is required. The highways, rail, and utility sectors have been benefiting from this valuable solution.

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LiDAR System

LiDAR Scanner
High laser pulse repetition rates
High scan lines speed per second
Wide scan field of view

IR and RGB capability
Stereo imagery
FMC (Forward Motion Control)

Positioning (GPS/IMU)
Applanix POS AV 510 with GLONASS capability
Additional Sensors


Rapid Capture
This system provides a perfect blend of high resolution and speed by utilizing a helicopter’s increased manoeuvrability.

High Accuracy
Achieving high point densities; the level of detail returned meets the tough industry requirements

Cost Effective
Reduce costly and intrusive ground works by capturing all your assets remotely and safely

Simulataneous Imagery
Capture not only incredibly high-resolution LiDAR data, but also imagery to complement the data