Aerial Photography

Aerial photography provides a cost-effective, accurate, and reliable method to deliver mapping and modeling projects. We have long-standing agreements with national, and international clients to provide aerial photography to a variety of resolutions and specifications, all of which we’re extremely proud to be a part of.

Our experienced and dedicated team of staff are all experts in photogrammetry, LiDAR, and land survey techniques. With the latest in surveying technology and aircraft, we can mobilize to site quickly to capture your next project.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more about our Aerial Photography services.


Rapid Acquisition
Capture areas quickly using our high resolution, large image footprint camera systems

High Resolution
Obtain resolutions as high as 2cm per pixel, or as low as 25cm

Fast Mobilization
Utilizing modern aircraft, mobilization to site is efficient and cost effective

Additional Projects
Aerial photography provides a fantastic source for value added products such as DTMs, mapping and 3D models


Transport & Infrastructure
Rapid and accurate survey over medium to large areas with no need to disrupt transport networks

Asset Inventory
Highly detailed base mapping of asset inventory as orthophotos provides an accurate record of buildings and stock

Base Mapping
Aerial imagery provides an accessible record of any site with the power to generate accurate mapping as a value added product

Multi-band sensors detect vegetation and support strategic environmental decisions and policy


Cyient has two large format cameras suitable for a range of flying parameters, ideal for surveying vast areas quickly utilizing a fixed-wing aircraft. Based centrally in the UK, our Air Ops team are ideally placed to mobilize to site for the next capture project.

The camera systems are capable of achieving resolutions as high as 2cm GSD, with either a traditional RGB (Red, Green, Blue) capture or 4-band RGBI Red, Green, Blue, Intensity) imagery for false-colour infrared analysis.

Each system is compensated for drift and pitch, and with the Applanix inertial measurement unit, incredibly accurate and detailed global positioning is achieved for flawless results.