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Unlocking World Of PossibilitiesThrough Power Of Platforms

Unlocking a World of Possibilities Through Power of Platforms

The landscape of technology is transforming rapidly by the emergence of software-defined intelligent products. These products, from smartphones and smart appliances to autonomous vehicles and industrial machinery, rely heavily on advanced software algorithms to deliver sophisticated functionalities and intelligent capabilities to adapt to user preferences, optimize performance, and make autonomous decisions.

Complementing these intelligent products are robust platforms that serve as the backbone of interconnected ecosystems. The synergy between intelligent products and platforms is driving innovation across various sectors, from healthcare and manufacturing to transportation and communication. As the complexity of these systems increases, so does the demand for higher computational power and efficiency. This is where our suite of solutions and accelerators come into play.

Key Focus Areas


Autonomous Systems & Connected Products

$1.5 trillion

Market by 2027

Helping design solutions across the spectrum by leveraging IoT/IIoT, edge computing and AI


Cloud Data Platforms & Intelligent Experiences

$150 billion

Market by 2027

Enabling data-driven decision making by helping adopt cloud-based technologies with advanced data analytics


Electrification & Energy Transition

$170 billion

Market by 2032

Accelerating adoption of electric-based alternatives and building energy efficient products


Networks & Connectivity

$15 billion

Market by 2026

Simplifying network configuration and management processes while reducing operational costs and enhancing network security

Solutions & Offerings

Autonomous Systems & Connected Products

Cloud Data Platforms & Intelligent Experiences

Electrification & Energy Transition

Networks & Connectivity

Autonomous Systems


Accelerating adoption of autonomous intelligence throughADAS, solution suite for  Urban Air Mobility

Software-Defined Connected Products


Transforming products through our software defined accelerators including SDx, SDV Transformation, CyMedge

Intelligent Silicon Design


Enabling connected and better future through end-to-end innovativeASIC solutions with cutting-edge technology

V&V Factory


Harnessing the power of automation, ensuring dependable and efficient software testing through CyFAST

Cloud Platforms


Accelerating cloud migration and modernization through Platform X, CyPICH, IDF, iDMS

AI & Data Insights


Enabling data-driven decision making through advanced data analytics solutions such as CyARC, CyTMS, CyFTD,>UN Migration



Automation for operational efficiency improvement, safety enhancement and network/system resilience improvement through Optimization of Asset Data Workflow Management, Mining Asset Data Management (CADM), Integrated Asset Data Management, CyiOps – Utility Outage Planning and Scheduling Platform

Location Based


Building an integrated and unified machine learning pipeline for imagery analytics using Geospatial ML Ops

Power Electronics


Enabling advanced power distribution, conversion and control through Smart Power Distribution Systems, HVDC-DC converters

Cloud Connected Charging Systems


Accelerating vehicle electrification with cloud-connected charging stations through Open Charging Point Protocol (OCPP)

Battery Management & Prognostics


Ensuring electric vehicle/aircraft safety through robust Battery Management Systems integrated with AI/ML for diagnostics & prognostics

Control Systems


Enhancing driver / operator and passenger safety through perception systems, steering and braking systems

Smart Fiber Roll-out


Accelerating transformation to smart and digitized fiber and transmission management through Managed FTTX & Automation



Enabling end-to-end automated network testing and AI driven root cause analysis through Vismon



Transforming traditional models of mobile network operators through Network Automation

Private Networks


Enabling planning, design, deployment and integration of Managed Private Networks

Case Studies


UN Migration for an Electric, Gas & Water Utility Provider

Implemented Esri Utility Network Enterprise GIS for a US based utilities giant. Deployed and configured Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Pro in an enterprise cloud infrastructure integrating interfaces to advanced applications, enhancing safety, reliability and cost-efficiency


V&V Automation for Avionics Application

Implemented behavior-based scripting and test automation of a 12-year old legacy flight attendant panel application, reducing testing efforts and execution time by 98%


Smart Power Distribution System for Aircraft of Tomorrow

Designed for 90kVA power distribution in aviation, the Smart Power Distribution Panel (SPDP), uses at least 5 patentable cutting-edge technologies and meets the highest safety standards in aerospace. First of-its-kind (in terms of product complexity) to be designed and manufactured in India, the SPDP offers advanced protection features and health monitoring and prognostics of all the connected loads


Case Study

Automating Board Level Functional test for a leading UK based manufacturer of laboratory analytical instruments

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Accelerating Development of Smart Connected Healthcare Products

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Automotive Security in a Connected World

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