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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry

Digital technologies are transforming the healthcare industry – from pharma and medical device manufacturing to care provision, patient interaction, and clinical trials. Smart and cloud-connected systems in healthcare, aka IoMT, will enable integrated fruition of clinical, contextual, and equipment data, allowing compelling use cases and leverageable insights across the whole product lifecycle, namely during development, production and use in the field.


Challenges in IoMT implementation

As OEMs implement IoT for medical devices, they face several challenges

Long design cycle for industrial grade application and certification

Long design cycle

Long design cycle for industrial grade application and certification - CE, FCC

Delays in software development


Delays in software development, HW-SW integration, and maintenance

Disparate communication - IoT platform for medical devices

Disparate communication

Disparate communication protocols and issues in connectivity between software modules

Data security and privacy - IoT platform for medical devices

Data security and privacy

Data security and privacy to ensure secure operations for different user personas

CyMedge© - Cyient’s Edge Platform for Medical Devices IoTization

CyMedge© is a customizable middleware software platform, pre-verified on partner’s certified hardware, for the development of smart cloud-connected medical devices enabling faster time-to-market and lower technical risk

Functional Services

Contains the predefined application's building blocks, features, modules

Modular and Scalable

Provide modularity and scalability to meet the complex and growing business needs


Provides various interfaces with wired and wireless options to connect to other devices


Interface Layer

Provides different protocol interface as per industry wide practice to fulfill the business needs


Provides devie level security (Root of Trust) and communication level security which is the most critical among IOT devices

Core Services

The services that are essential for every application to function are bundled as part of the platform e.g. Log in, monitoring, logging etc.

System Architecture


System architecture - cloud computing systems and applications in healthcare


Together Cyient and Advantech built the powerful, (largely) re-usable architecture and relevant technology/modules platform/framework supporting pervasive seamless secure data connectivity within/across devices in hospitals and mobile/remote care 

  • Improved experience for products/solutions users (i.e. medical professionals) and end-users (i.e. Patients)
  • Improved effectiveness/outcomes and/or improved efficiency for known use-cases
  • Opportunity to address unmet needs/use-cases for customers

Value Addition

Value Addition

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Lower Technical Risk

Lower Technical Risk

One-Stop Solution for HW & SW

One-Stop Solution for HW & SW

Use Cases

Analytical Instrument

The Analytical Instrument system securely stores manufacturing data in an encrypted partition, controls workflows, collects data from a controller instrument, and makes results available on the local UI and cloud platform. It enables real-time data streaming to the cloud, supports file transfers, and performs OTA updates for parent and child devices.


Patient Monitoring UI

The Patient Monitoring UI provides a user-friendly interface for collecting sensor data from a controller instrument. It offers wired and wireless connectivity options, employs a GUI based on the Qt framework, enables IoT-based monitoring of device state and configuration, and supports data analytics and reporting functionalities.


Test Automation

CyMedge enables quick data merging from multiple sources, automating the process to save time and reduce errors. It ensures reliable communication between data sources and the platform, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


About Cyient

Cyient is a leading consulting-led, industry-centric, global technology solutions company. We enable our customers to apply technology imaginatively across their value chain to solve problems that matter. Customers draw on Cyient’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology services and solutions to deliver and support their next-generation products that meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

We are committed to designing tomorrow together with our globally prominent customers in the MedTech industry and providing a competitive advantage with proven integrated manufacturing solutions in compliance with ISO 13485:2016, REACH, and RoHS. Over the last 20+ years, we have enabled customers to deliver accessible and affordable high-quality healthcare solutions to millions of people worldwide.

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