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The utility's geographic information system (GIS) is a key tool enabling today's energy transition.Esri's Utility Network (UN) model enables a more accurate, effective model of the utility topological network improving its use for advanced grid operations. Cyient harnesses the power of the UN to improve utility business processes through its configurable solutions architecture.

Business Challenges - Legacy technology, Disintegrated data, Workflow issues, and Adequate tools

Business Challenges

Large global utility operators typically suffer from a wide variety of challenges that, if addressed, would accelerate throughput, improve the use of data and improve business outcomes.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Legacy technology: Multiple legacy GIS technologies, capabilities, and processes
  • Disintegrated data: Redundant and incoherent data existing in different formats, rendering inefficiency and additional time to execute
  • Workflow issues: Data can "stick” in workflow queues reducing availability for additional work, reporting and outcomes
  • Adequate tools: Tools that require certain data within a system of record are thus not always available


Cyient’s configurable solution & approach builds the UN model and ArcGIS Pro configuration and improves business processes. The utility business process requirements provide the framework around which Cyient gathers requirements -> designs -> develops -> tests -> deploys the solution. By deploying business functionality through the Esri ArcGIS Pro solution, Cyient assures proper attention to the anomalies that prevent efficient workflows in the as-is system. Hallmarks of Cyient’s business centric solution include:


Solution Design and integration strategy that aligns data availability to process requirements


Leveraging off the shelf network modelling through UN Templates to eliminate the need for 3rd party applications and reduce the cost of ownership


Encapsulate business rules and business logic within the model assuring security, accuracy and consistency


Deploy and configure Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Pro in an enterprise cloud infrastructure to enable scale, performance


Align workflow and data to support Desktop, Mobile, Web dashboards and Reports


Integrate state transition into workflow through using branch version / Rest service Templates


Tangible ROI. that includes faster access to data, higher productivity, well defined work closure procedure and seamless deployment.

Cyient leverages its global experience in advanced data management service to optimize the migration of existing data into the new Esri platform. The data impacts the design of the model as well as the functional capability of the new GIS platform.

Data Model

Single data model for each commodity (electric, gas, water / wastewater) to streamline the operating architecture

Data quality

Standardized business processes, data quality standards, reliable architecture and complete connectivity


Standardized reporting and best practice implementation across all OpCo’s

Data access and analytics

Increased data access and awareness, enabling analytics to support more advanced applications, improved reliability and better outage response

Manpower Cost

Less staffing constraints to maintain existing solutions

Partner with Cyient to achieve these BENEFITS


GIS Platform Currency

Enhanced user experience through added functionality, reliability, and performance improvement.



Common data model to enhance operational effectiveness & efficiency.



Standardize business processes to enhance the on-going governance framework, identify line-of-defense stakeholders, establish on-going cadence review, and define evidence parameters.


Metrics and Monitoring

Key Performance Indicators to measure and drive continuous performance gains.



The alignment of core GIS technologies, business processes and data model to enable economies of scale & efficiency.


Data Currency

Improved data quality and currency enable Advanced Analytics that lead to operational advancements.


Decision Support for Asset Management

Availability of utilities’ asset data to enable informed decision making for network enhancements and improved customer service.

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Utility business processes

Cyient brings deep expertise in the essential areas of Cloud-Based GIS. Our team of certified experts is the best in the industry. Their domain knowledge and expertise bring the best in the industry to support utilities.

Cyient's solution leverages native out-of-the-box solutions deployed in the cloud enabling the advanced use of technology. As a result, we do not introduce conflicts and risks into the solution from propriety or custom tools which would increase 'increase support and upgrade costs. By leaning on the core tools and their as-designed integration architecture, Cyient assures LU of highly scalable and reliable data flow and system performance.

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