Smart FTTx Plan and Design

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Smart FTTx Plan and Design

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Telecom operators globally are chasing aggressive FTTx rollout targets and are on the lookout for technology and process innovations that drive up efficiency.

At Cyient, we recognize this urgency, as well as the importance of adopting a robust build-out process. We design robust and cost-effective FTTx networks for urban and rural areas with real-time asset visibility across hybrid network deployments.

Our approach to integrated planning & design, ensures

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

40-50% design cost saved by optimal network planning

Shorter Design Cycle

Lead time reduced by 30% using process automation

Seamless Information Flow

95% field and GIS system inventory synchronization



GIS for Network Planning

Geospatial services that enable better visualization of the network, thereby supporting accurate planning.


Walkout & LiDAR Survey

Survey options that suit the design requirement. Our AI/ML based tool automates feature detection and extraction from LiDAR data.


Network Design

Produce optimized network designs combining decades of experience with rule-based automation tools.


As-built Updates

Leveraging technology to efficiently update your inventory systems with as-built data.


Workflow Management

Orchestrating the stages of network plan & design through workflow management tools.


Data Management

Ensure our customers have the cleanest data that can be trusted for critical decision-making.

Success Stories


European Fiber Network Infrastructure

Supported gigabit fiber rollout across UK, while addressing the added complexity of utilizing the existing network infrastructure.


Network Expansion in Rural USA

Helped a leading Telecommunications Company in North America to bring faster internet speeds to remote and rural areas.


Network Upgradation in Australia

Enabled a major Australian CSP to upgrade its customer connections from 2Mbps to >10gbps for over 50,000 customer orders till date.

CS–European CSP

European CSP

Leveraged efficient network design to enable a large European CSP to meet the deployment challenges of transforming its network from Copper to Fiber.

CS-North American Telecom Major

North American Telecom Major

Accelerated FTTH network rollout with optimized designs, bringing 100 percent fiber optic internet, phone, and IPTV service to residential and businesses across North America.



Smart FTTx Plan and Design

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Network Planning and Design

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Case Study

Supporting the Deployment of Swisscom's FTTH network

Supporting the Deployment of Swisscom's FTTH network Btn_Cyi_Tel_Sec05_Next_In01-1 arrow icon

FTTH Council Webinar Series : An Approach to Plan & Design: Understanding a Telco’s perspective

FTTH Council Webinar Series : An Approach to Plan & Design: Understanding a Telco’s perspective Btn_Cyi_Tel_Sec05_Next_In01-1 arrow
Case Study

FTTx Plan and Design

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