In today’s rapidly changing world, it is critical for navigation companies to provide their customers with up-to-date maps. However, in the real world, changes happen all the time—construction work begins, crashes occur, the weather fluctuates—and maps must reflect these rapid changes accurately and self-heal. With increasing dependency on maps across the globe, automation in maps is becoming integral for map providers to stay on top of their services, efficiently delivering up-to-date maps.

At Cyient, we help our customers solve their business problems, so they are always ahead in the race for transformation. We work in partnership with our customers to bring in automation for creating accurate, detailed, and optimal route maps so that end-users get to their destinations in the quickest, safest, and most efficient way possible. We draw on years of experience in digital mapping, location-based services, predictive road data management, and ADAS software development to help our partners enrich their consumer experience while saving them time and money.

Our Services

With 30+ years of experience in geospatial and digital services, Cyient has built a reputation as a trusted partner of leading digital navigation companies worldwide. We leverage our geospatial capabilities like - LiDAR, remote sensing, mapping, photogrammetry—and digital capabilities, including data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing, to accelerate the transformation and help our customers achieve desired business outcomes.

Creation of Navigation Maps

ADAS and High Definition Maps

End-to-End Automation via AI/ML

3D City Models for Enhanced Visualization

Delivering Impact Across Industries

With the partnerships resulting in more efficient operations and helping gain a competitive edge, Cyient has been winning the trust of customers across a wide range of industries, including -












Technology Accelerators


Map Editor

  • Visualization and spatial analysis of digital maps
  • Quick, efficient, and correct map data editing using different sources


Workflow Engine

  • E2E tracking of tasks: QC, rework, and productizing
  • Configurable for every project need
  • Integrated Business Intelligence and customized reporting


Quality Check Engine

  • Verification of map database edits against defined specifications
  • 5k business rules to ensure quality and integrity of maps
  • Single application compatible with multiple mapping engines


Self-Healing Maps

  • Automatic fixing and repair of map data
  • Incorporation of bulk updates into map database


Automatic Updates

  • Rapid automatic ingestion of external data into map database
  • Fast, scalable bulk QA checks


Associative Implicit Updates

  • Triggering implicit edits into the database associated with manual updates
  • Avoidance of QA violations resulting in manual efforts
  • Faster incremental releases and product creation


Enhanced Maps for Autonomous Driving

  • ADAS Maps: Highly accurate road content for driver assistance systems for features like gradient, lanes, curvature, traffic signs, traffic lights, and speed limits
  • HD Maps: Precise localization and improved path planning to execute every maneuver lane model, traffic signs, road furniture, and lane geometry such as roads, dividers, borders, barriers, junctions, lanes, and speeds by referring LRI BEM, HiRes & Panoramic images

Count on Us


three decades1

Three decades of experience in geospatial and digital services


Solid expertise in building automated navigation solutions

reduce cost1

Ability to minimize map sizes and operating costs

rich tools

Rich set of map tools and


Strong partnerships with leading navigation companies

Success Stories

Designed an automation tool to replace the signpost information from one source data to another source data without losing any information

Value Delivered

  • Saved 15,000 hours of manual work
  • Achieved 99.96% accuracy

Removed 1 Mn redundant “network intersections” and 1.5 Mn redundant “edges” from the database to speed up the data rendering and operational activities

Value Delivered

  • Improved around 10% map update speed
  • Reduced size of maps database by 1%

Automated the classification and localization of 86 categories of traffic signs in a large image dataset by building an ML model to classify traffic signs

Value Delivered

  • Significantly reduced manual efforts
  • Achieved 90%+ model accuracy
success stories

Customer Accolades

Achieved Grade “A” Supplier Status on TomTom VDA audit.



1 / 5

Here's why this team is great: We depend on this team to do intelligent querying and clean up tools. The complexity of some of these topics is very high in some instances, and I never had the feeling that this team would not pull it off. On the contrary, Cyient’s PM overview on costs and benefits gives you a very warm feeling that your effort is well spent. Also, I can tell you we are doing awesome quality improvements which are highly appreciated ...keep it up, team!

Sr. Engineering Manager
Leading Geolocation Technology Provider

1 / 5

Your contribution is invaluable. Your team has a wealth of knowledge and skills. You have developed many of our tools and created new ones, which allows many of our production activities to run much more smoothly. Thank you!

I want to let the team know that each individual does a very good job. I am happy that I took the decision to work with you. It is incredible how agile you are in reacting on multiple, completely separate ideas, opportunities, and problems, how well structured you are in the team, how professionally and proactively you act to meet requirements and their deadlines, and above all how warm and open you people are. We’ve met all the expectations within agreed assumptions under this time pressure.

Overall, in my view—complete, successful, just-in-time realization within demanding deadline, great cooperation! Great team 😊

Sr. Manager Maps
Top Location Platform Company

1 / 5

During the time of transition, the CYIENT team acted a true partner in exploring options and handling change requests. On-time delivery and great communication is greatly appreciated for support of application implementations/testing and decommissioning activities.

Sr Project Manager
Global Navigation and Map Technology Company

1 / 5

It’s nice to see our cooperation works! Every step brings us to better data in line with Specs. Keep up the good work!! We have very good progress with our developments!

Thank you so much for great news and sharing statistics for Maps data!

Program Manager
Leading Geolocation Technology Provider

1 / 5

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