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    Given the criticality and cost intensive-nature of the maintenance function in rail, operators and OEMs are turning toward embracing new, digital technologies to minimize the challenge, and reality technology are taking the lead. Augmented reality (AR) provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution for smarter maintenance function. Besides, businesses are looking to use innovation and technology to adopt agile ways to train the workforce and field crew as the rail industry engages in the rapid journey toward Mobility 4.0. Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as one of the most effective tools to facilitate this. The immersive nature of AR and VR is a boon for the design function too. For instance, these tools can help achieve significant savings on design and prototyping costs and time, while providing better visualization of the train interiors.

    Cyient enables the customized application of reality technologies for your business needs. Our solution caters to a range of use cases, such as showcasing designs at the bidding stage, providing assembly instructions through the reconfigured module, or providing remote assistance for repair and maintenance procedures.

    Explore How Reality Technologies Can Be Applied in the Rail Industry


    AR/VR Rail Solution Uses and Benefits 

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    The Cyient Advantage 

    We provide a wholly managed AR/VR offering—from use case identification and technology consulting to including device selection, platform development, and maintenanceAlso, our bespoke AR/VR platform is easily configurable, compatible with multiple OS devices, and provides for quick and easy deployment, thereby significantly bringing down the time needed by your business to reap the benefits of enhanced reality.  

    Stay Ahead of the Learning Curve with Experiential AR/VR Solutions

    Cyient’s AR and VR View applications take away the complexity from your operational tasks by allowing users to seamlessly access information on the job site, optimize workforce training time, and reduce equipment downtime.

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