Image Assisted Inspection on Rail

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Aging railway infrastructure requires continuous inspection to reduce chances of failure and cut maintenance cost. However, traditional inspection methods are generally costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. This is especially true for project monitoring and encroachment analysis, which require an onsite assessmentThere are also significant safety and cost implications associated with inspecting hard-to-reach infrastructure assets. This makes continuous physical monitoring a challenge given the extensive railway spread that often includes regions that are difficult to reach. Moreover, manual inspections may lead to inaccuracy in identifying and mapping the exact location of defect. 

Cyient’s customized Image Assisted Inspection solution ensures safe and efficient inspection operations, reducing the need for corrective maintenance. Powered by our advanced machine learning capabilities and backed by multiple data capture techniques including aerial photography, LiDAR, hyperspectral imaging, and oblique camera, our solution can spot, identify, and accurately locate defects across the rail infrastructure.

Image Assisted Inspection Solution Process  

  • Checklist
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  • Requirement definition
  • Feasibility analysis

  • Operations planning
  • Permissions

  • Flightpath creation
  • Sensor selection
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  • Reconnaissance
  • Data collection

  • Stitching or slicing
  • 3D model creation
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  • LiDAR model creation
  • RGB processing anagement

  • Subject definition
  • Fault library creation
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  • Algorithm creation
  • Anomaly detection

  • User interface
  • Inspection dashboard
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  • Workforce management

Image Assisted Inspection Use Cases 

Are you challenged with high downtime and soaring maintenance costs?

Explore our IoT solutions for improving the efficiency and uptime of rail assets.

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