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As digital transformation makes trains faster, cheaper, and safer, it also increases the vulnerability to cyber threats and attacks.  For instance, as train signaling and control systems have shifted from closed to open systems based on mobile communication and Internet protocols, the need to secure the digital age railway with domain-specific and advanced cybersecurity technologies is amplified 

Underpinned by our rail engineering knowledge, and best-in-class cybersecurity alliances, we offer a comprehensive solution framework that addresses safety—from providing visibility into the current state of safety and preparedness to deftly responding to any potential threat or attacks across your fleet’s existing and new systems, subsystems, and networks. This may include onboard control systems, wayside control systems, and station and route control systems amongst others. In addition to ensuring fleet-level safety, we also provide a comprehensive framework at the organizational level. We do this by ensuring compliance with NIST and IEC62443 standards and adopting the best practices from safety-critical industries, such as defense, aerospace, and energy.   

We address safety across the value chainthreat detection and risk assessmentre/design systems to address vulnerability gaps, and finally building, testing, and certifying assets for safety. 

Our Cybersecurity Framework

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Discover how you can leverage IoT to build a non-invasive, coper cable theft detection system.

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