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Innovating for
New Possibilities, together

Unpredictability requires relentless innovation

That’s what we did in 2021

As we enter the New Year, reflections from 2021 highlight our focused strides toward innovating for a resilient future together. Learn how we continued to challenge ourselves and push boundaries amidst uncertainties.

Future-ready with digital solutions

In 2021, we were focused on pushing our digital agenda and launched INTELLICYIENT, our Digital Solutions suite at Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade fair. Leveraging Cyient's long-standing expertise in the engineering space, INTELLICYIENT will accelerate digital and industrial transformation with Industry 4.0 solutions.

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Future-ready with digital solutions
Reimagining business to unlock new opportunities

Reimagining business to unlock new opportunities

The past year has taught us that the faster we innovate, the better we respond to an evolving technology landscape. We introduced CyientifIQ, a collaborative innovation platform, to enable organizations to reimagine existing operations and processes and reshape daily experiences. It taps into the power of technologies like Edge AI, Automation, Connected Products, Platformization, and Sustainability Solutions to fuel the future of Human Well – Being, Smart Operations, Intelligent Transport, Sustainability, and the Future of Mobility.

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Solving business-critical problems for our clients

Cyient Consulting leverages industry best practices and proven methodology to deliver business transformation across areas of organizational effectiveness, board and governance, asset optimization, and digital transformation.

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Solving business-critical problems for our clients
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Explore and experience our world of innovation

Cyientscapes was launched to exhibit how we design, build and deliver innovative solutions through immersive virtual tours. You can engage with our domain experts online to learn about our state-of-the-art facilities, products, solutions, and capabilities - from anywhere in the world.

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Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow Together

Our promise to become water and carbon neutral by 2025

Inaugural Sustainability Report

The past couple of years have shown us that we need to do more – for our communities and the planet. We launched our first sustainability report in 2021 with a holistic ESG framework supported by strong leadership commitment, collaborative partnership, and an empowered ecosystem to enable long-term sustainable value generation.

'Design for Circularity' practice

As a business, we take responsibility for driving the shift from a linear to a more planet-friendly, zero-waste circular economy. Our 'Design for Circularity' engineering practice, created in partnership with eolos, offers solutions that will allow highly regulated industries to improve resource efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and apply sustainable practices across the value chain.

Reflection and Resolve to be more Inclusive

Prioritizing inclusion and diversity at the workplace

Rethinking I&D priorities in the new normal

October 2021 was I&D month at Cyient, and we put together a CXO Cyience virtual panel discussion. Influential I&D leaders across industries and from different regions shared their insights and best practices for adapting inclusion and diversity strategies in a post-pandemic world.

New gender-neutral parental leave policy

We announced a 12-week gender-neutral parental leave policy across our offices globally to empower new parents. All our employees, including birth and adoptive parents of any gender, can take up to 12 weeks of paid time off at full pay following the birth or adoption of their child.

Working together through challenging times

Our COVID-19 response

Holistic well-being and community support

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world hard. At Cyient, we took steps immediately to ensure the holistic wellness of our associates and their loved ones. Our dedicated Covid-19 Response Team (CRT) supported critical cases by facilitating the supply of oxygen cylinders, access to ventilators, and hospitalization. We also provided masks and PPE suits to frontline health workers, and our associates worked with the Cyient Foundation to distribute food and essentials to communities in need.

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